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Chafing the spurious bander-VAX...

August 15, 2008 11:06 AM 8/15/08

Just for the record - loading Xubuntu on a system with a FireGL 1000 Pro video card in it is a pain. In fact getting Xubuntu to support a video card it mis-detects seems to be a pain in general. I like the lightweight feel of Xubuntu but in this case likely I’ll load the full Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Still waiting on a couple of things from E-Bay but at this point I’m pretty much done purchasing things for a while. I’ve only got three things on my E-Bay watch list and they are there so I don’t lose the source or forget about them.

Need to move quicker and get more done. I’m falling behind in a lot of areas. But then so is everybody else.

I think we’re rapidly coming to the point where we’ve paced the cycles of the world above the speed of the original creators of those cycles. New kids rapidly adapt to the speed but it is far too fast for most existing adults.

Or maybe I’m just getting old. ;-)

Regardless there’s a lot to be said for slowing those cycles down. I mean really - other than emergency stuff what else actually needs to be a rushed cycle?

Groceries? Grown in greenhouses or on farms locally they don’t have to be rushed all over the country before they spoil.

Work schedules? Nope. If you slow everything down at once then work schedules and work cycles become more flexible.

I read a line in a SciFi book once that said “You need to slow down to reach a higher orbit.” and it took me years to fully comprehend how applicable that is to the rest of life as well.

We’re all so rushed and we’re paying the price for it. Lack of sleep. Poor eating habits. No exercise. Etc.

In some ways the cultures that embrace “siesta time” have the right idea. You stop and take a nap during the day. Not only does it keep you from working in the hottest part of the day it breaks up the tempo of life. Slows it down a bit. And that’s desperately needed.

So there’s a cause for people if they want it. International Siesta Time. Every time zone takes an hour or two just to rest during the middle of the day. Hell it wouldn’t take much from an employer standpoint - extend lunch by an hour and shift the schedules a bit.

All-in-all not a bad idea but one that would be tough to get some people to agree with.

Speaking of schedules I’m having trouble getting back on mine after that week off. It’s finally starting to normalize but I’m still having trouble getting up at 4:30 a.m. when the clock goes off. Likely this is just because of the previous week but I may actually buy one of the Zen morning light alarm clocks and try and set my circadian cycle properly.

We need to be more organized at home anyway. My wife would kill me but it is almost within my ability to turn the entire house on first thing in the morning. All I need is a few more modules... ;-)

Most of those X10 appliance modules are cheap too - $6 or so each - but the professional ones that wire into ceiling fans and so forth are a little more expensive. But being able to shut down all the fans during the day is highly desirable to me.

I don’t know when it happened but I’ve become really “green” oriented of late. I like the change because it’s a good path and it saves me money but I honestly don’t know when it happened.

I just wish I had the cash to implement everything I want to do. _Converting_ to green wholesale is _not_ cheap but if spread over time it’s not too bad.

The one that irritates me is solar panels. You can’t buy solar panels one at a time and be cost effective about it. And it’s not like ComEd in Illinois is going to fork over the dough for them either.

In the words of Dogbert - Bah!
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