nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I love the smell of pizza in the morning...

Okay it’s afternoon already but it was morning when I started up the beta of MacJournal.

BTW if you use MacJournal you should highly consider being part of the beta program. I have yet to find a more responsive developer. :-)

As for the pizza we went to the mega-mart and picked up groceries and bought some of the freshly made Mama Mia mini pizzas and are having those for lunch. The smell is awesome.

Speaking of awesome smells I’m intending on making stuffed peppers for when my friend from Florida shows up. I“m going to make them with beef as well even though I tend to prefer the turkey.

I’m not looking forward to the memorial I have to go to tomorrow. I was friends both with the friend who died and her husband. A longer time friend with him to-boot. But after certain actions on his part I kind of shelved the whole thing and didn’t talk to him for years. So it’s going to be...interesting...tomorrow. I’ll deal and I’ll be civil unless necessary but I’m still not looking forward to it.

No dreams last night. For once I just slept. Kind of surprising there as I usually have funky dreams when I’m all wound up with things. *shrug*

Spent a little amount of money last week and got all four copies of the manga Read or Dream which are the stories in-between the anime Read or Die and Read or Die TV. I do love the paper-masters. ;-)

Found a deal on a water timer today but didn’t buy it because my outside faucet leaks when open. That leak actually adds up over time to a larger water bill and my water bill is going to be larger this time anyway because I’m using the soaker hoses to water the garden. We really need more rain. (And I need to buy a 14” pizza screen for the rain barrel so I can drill more holes in the top.)

My wrist has stopped hurting except for some odd twinges now and then. That’s good because it allows me to type much easier without that damn brace on there.

Just did the finances again and we’re poor. Not too surprising as the last two weeks have been a little heavy in the spending department. Comes with buying a house. Thankfully other than travel expenses and food this week there’s nothing else we have to buy. We have some cash so we’re going to pick up vegetables (peppers) at the farm stand down the road. That should cost quite a bit less than buying them at the mega-mart.

Regardless we need to cut back our spending quite a bit. Not too hard but still a problem. I’m the worst spender right now so I’m going to work on that for this next week. There’s a few things yet to buy before our guests arrive but nothing too expensive nor that can’t wait until this Thursday.

Most of what needs to be done is work which is my big area of FAIL at the moment. I’ve become horribly lazy in the last month or so...
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