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A borrowed sonic screwdriver and a broken tie-fighter...

August 18, 2008 11:10 AM 8/18/08

So we went to the funeral memorial for a friend of mine yesterday and it was okay if a bit long. It’s always interesting to see who shows up at those things and this time was no exception. I saw quite a number of people I hadn’t seen in literally years. Some with kids, some changed, some the same. Regardless I can only hope I have that many people attend my memorial when I pass - she was well liked.

Knowing the random geekyness of the people attending I drug both my sonic screwdrivers with me just in case they would be useful for comic value. Turns out I was right and they got a few smiles and a couple laughs.

When you’re “fen” (a SciFi/Fantasy fan) it shows in how you raise you children. I was sitting there in the downstairs kitchen area and pointed the noisy sonic screwdriver at my wife jokingly. A young boy nearby asked if it was a sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who and if he could use it to fix his tie-fighter “happy meal” toy. I agreed and he immediately extended the toy, triggered the sounds and light, and proceeded to “fix” his tie-fighter with it. Then he respectfully retracted the tip of the toy and handed it back to me. I think it was the coolest thing I saw the entire time I was there. :-)

Anyway we stayed there about 3+ hours or so before we had to leave to pick up our daughter. That was more than enough time for me.

Picking up the RS/6000 tomorrow so I’ll have to drive the truck to work. That’s not going to be lightweight so I’ll have to make sure the bed of the truck is organized. Likely I’ll have to put a couple of the cut rod stock crates in there and a cut sheet of plywood on top of them so that the two cabinets of this thing sit evenly on top of it. I don’t think they’re thin enough to fit two of them between the wheel wells in the truck bed.

Kind of wondering when LJ is going to have another sale on permanent accounts. I can’t afford one right now but I might be able to afford one down the road. They’re pricey but then a permanent account, from what I understand, means you don’t get billed any more. Period. And that would be a good thing because I use the hell out of this thing. I’ll certainly be checking into it. I already have a permanent account at that I mirror this one to but I haven’t figured out how to use MacJournal to post to it yet.

Way behind in writing anything other than these entries. I took a look at the webcomic script and I’ve got ideas but it’s not moving. I think I really need to seriously pursue finding someone to draw it for me.

In case anybody is interested here’s the gist of it. The idea behind it is that there are deities, minor deities, and then there are the deities that this story is about. A full-blown deity would be someone who controls the motion of all the galaxies and stars - someone who can see the entire pattern of thing, a minor deity would be someone who controls a single major force like gravity or magnetism, while the people in this story control more specific things.

For instance the two main characters are Tell and Astra. Astra is The Goddess of the Grass Blades (not what you think) and Tell is The Goddess of Lost Files. (Paper, electronic, or otherwise.) The story at the moment pretty much revolves around Tell and her life but that may change in the future. I’d originally chosen the name Everyday Gods but that was taken so I’ve chose to name it Minor Devotions.

The whole premise is kind of like how ordinary people given a job with certain powers an abilities would go about their lives. Kind of like the show Dead Like Me but with a broader focus. And anyway I don’t even know if that’s wholly where it’s going yet. The thing is not that well formed in my mind even if I have written 5300+ words at this point. :-/

So if anybody is interested I’m looking for an artist that would be comfortable drawing a webcomic and is willing to step into part of my brainpan with me. I’m not picky about style but I do have some images in my head of how people look. For instance Tell and Astra are twins but it’s hard to see because Astra kept her black hair and Tell is a blond. That sort of thing.

Gah! 1200+ words later I’m late for getting back to work!
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