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Twitchy twitchy twitchy...

August 21, 2008 11:08 AM 8/21/08

So I’m working in the garage yesterday and I notice that there are a couple of local police cars across the street. Just to cover my bases I toss my renaissance spear up into the loft portion of the garage.

This turned out to be a good thing because 5 minutes later I turn around and find an officer standing in the front of my garage. He tells me that the house pretty much across the street was broken into last night and did I know anything or see anything. I told him that my cameras were in the garage and inside the front door. He thanked me and went on his way.

First - who in their right mind breaks into the house RIGHT NEXT TO THE STREET LAMP??

Second - all this was _just_ _enough_ to set my mind a’twitch all night and ruin my sleep. Every little bump, every little noise, every little thing.


So anyway this motivates me to get at least one or two more cameras for the house but I need to think about where I place them because there are obvious legal issues and I don’t want to have to put up those annoying red signs stating that there’s video recording going on.

I’m glad I put those in though especially in light of recent events. Our neighborhood is pretty good so I think this is an isolated incident.

Unfortunately the way this economy and this society is going incidents like this are going to increase no matter where you live. Best to be prepared.

So probably three more cameras for 5 total. A couple in the garage, two covering the doors of the house, and one covering the garden. Not to mention a couple ones that are in unexpected places. No sense in putting my entire security protocols on the web. ;-)

I’m not sure if we need an alarm just yet but probably not. And besides I’d like to develop one myself from scratch because pre-made ones are easy to use but not very flexible.

I did come up with a cool idea for the indicator panel though. Imagine a panel of stars roughly arranged so that a cluster of three stars represents each room. Each star cluster is red, blue, and white respectively. As a person triggers the motion detectors in each room it turns on the blue star for that room. If there’s a fire in that room the red star turns on and the fire alarms go off. If all is well there are only white and blue stars on the board.

It’s a good visual indicator system and looks like simple electronic art. I’d love to see one of these put in each new home. I think having a visual panel the fireman/policeman can look at upon entry would greatly help. I’m sure there’s some bugs in the idea but it could easily be worked out.

And large business buildings usually have something like this anyway if not so elegant in design so why shouldn’t a house have the same capabilities.

It’s simple, cheap to manufacture, and could easily be integrated into existing alarm systems. I like the idea.

And now that I got my electronics workbench constructed yesterday (mostly) I should be able to start working on things like that. It’ll be nice to get back on my feet electronically so to speak. :-)
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