nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Let's do the garage warp agaaaaain!

August 22, 2008 11:21 AM 8/22/08

I managed to get a bunch more stuff shuffled around last night. I stopped because one of the things I needed to move was a lateral file and it was 8:30 p.m. and the noise ordinance would have kicked in soon.

So tonight when I get home after picking up our daughter I’m going to shuffle that lateral file out of the way like the other one and put what is effectively my toolbox over there. (One of the two metal dressers.) Then I’ll move the one workbench under the window. Not sure what I’m going to do with the second metal dresser. It’s not holding much and the bottom drawer is stuck until someone takes the time to un-bend the track guides on it. Not hard just something I haven’t done. It may just go out with a free sign on it.

I think I’ve gotten my last batch of cucumbers for the year despite the rain last night. They have been a little dry for quite some time now. And the beans have been “beetled” while I wasn’t looking so those are pretty much done. So at the moment we’re down to watermelons, watermelons, maybe a single pepper plant, and an accidental tomato plant.

Not bad for a first year garden. Next year I’ll do better.

I’m seriously considering making a giant greenhouse space over the whole thing so I can continue growing but I’m still concerned about having the space heater exhaust on the back of the garage pumping into that space. How does CO effect plants anyway?

Anyway I have to tear it all up before doing something like that anyway so that’s probably end of September or early October. Depends on when the watermelons finish.

That reminds me - I need to go out and get some lexan.

Still thinking a little bit about more cameras but I just can’t pay for them at the moment. I like the Linksys ones. I will likely get the ones that record audio when I buy them because they produce the video in a format that is considerably more open than the Microsoft .asf video files. (Or as I like to call them Ass-F videos.) And even though they are wireless capable I’ll probably wire them anyway so they always have a connection.

All this talk of cameras means fixed IPs in my head and that brings up the fact that I _still_ haven’t re-configured my home subnet properly at home yet. With OpenBSD PF doing firewall/NAT duty I technically can have any subnet behind the NAT but quite honestly I should have something more standard and more organized.

I wonder if you can do VLANs with PF. That’s something I need to look into. That and separating out all my IPs on the four interfaces of the Quad HME card in the U1 I’m using as a firewall. There’s just a lot of basic crap to be done on my home network. I suppose I’ll just have to dig in and do it.

The annoyance is that it likely means being down for a day to get it all sorted out. Hmm...or maybe not... Y’know what...I’m betting that I can script most of it - at least as far as the IP changeover anyway. Things like the WRT54G and the JetDirect box will have to be done manually as well as the Windows box in the garage but almost everything else is SSH reachable so I bet I can set those things up be switchable via swapping new config files out for old ones. Still a lot of typing though...

As usual I need to lay all of this out visually so I’ll likely draw it out so I can take a gander at it from afar. I’d like to pick up Omnigraffle for the Mac but it’s damn expensive for a simple drawing program. ($99 !) And anyway we need to pick up a new hard drive for my wife’s notebook this weekend as her existing one is flakey. I’ve got a temporary one in there now but she really needs a permanent upgrade.

I really need to find a supplemental source of income...
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