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Toast is not a back substitute...

August 25, 2008 11:10 AM 8/25/08

My wife and I managed to get a great amount of things cleaned before our friends showed up this weekend.

We cooked chicken, burgers, and fish on the grill along with macaroni salad and corn on the cob.

It was damn cool actually because we all sat around in the garage and ate and then talked for hours and hours.

Anyway all the cleaning for that took a toll on my back as it was damn sore Saturday morning until I took a couple of Vicodin. It was fine after that until yesterday when I went to work and installed a bunch of UPS units including a Smart-UPS 2200XL which was damn heavy.

So this morning I had to take a couple of Vicodin. No big deal as I have very little heavy bending or lifting for the rest of the week and should be able to rest my back before shuffling a few more things in the house and garage the end of this week. And there’s not too much heavy stuff left to move around out there. Most of it has wheels as well.

With any luck I’ll be able to move all but the servers out to the garage this week and then my wife will be able to start working on her office. (The servers will move downstairs when the rack gets down there. I’ll probably run the router/networking wires for that this week as well.)

Got a notice from the city a few days ago saying I had a “high water usage” so I called them up and explained that I have a 25’ x 25’ garden with soaker hoses and that it hasn’t been raining a lot recently. So needless to say my water bill will be around $140 for two month. I expected a high bill so it’s not a shock.

Regardless I’m definitely buying more of the rain barrels because it’ll be $89/each spent up front versus $140+ on a regular basis. They obviously won’t provide all the water for my garden but they’ll certainly take the edge off.

I think in lieu of shuffling things around in the garage today I’ll pull the lawn tractor in there and start the engine swap process. It shouldn’t take all that long and the only things I can see being potential problems are the mounting holes, the throttle cable, and possibly the drive pulley. Everything else should be easily modifiable.

I’ll have to read up on break-in procedures for the new motor as it looks like it has break-in oil in it and I truly don’t want to mess it up right off the bat.

It’ll be nice having my lawn tractor back...

The truck seems to be running well and I feel much better about driving it now that I have replaced the oil and temp senders and can actually see the state of the engine pretty much as I drive. Now I just need to fix the gas gauge.

Needless to say I rode the bike today. It’s just too good to pass up when the weather is right and I gain so much from doing so regardless.

I found a source for the Stage 3 carb jets she needs but they cost $99+shipping so I can’t pick them up right now. I think those are going to be an end-of-season purchase so I can re-do the carbs in the garage over the winter. I’m also going to drag the other bike in there for winter so I can work on getting it running. I still haven’t found the title for it but if I have to apply for lost title over the winter that’s okay too.

I need to pick up another printer from somewhere. We really need a modern network-capable laser at the house. Probably wireless. That’ll likely be about $120 - $150 but the small one we’re using now is slowly running down so to speak and will need replacement eventually. I’d rather be pre-emptive about that because it’s something we use regularly.

As usual too much to do, too little money, and not enough time...
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