nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Reverse Polish Back Toaster...

August 26, 2008 11:47 AM 8/26/08

Takes in a toasted back and un-toasts it. (Computer and calculator geeks will get that joke.)

So I did something dumb and of course it’s biting me.

I took some of my Vicodin after my back was hurting from cleaning up the garage for our company this last weekend...and then proceeded to do more work on Sunday moving battery backups around the office. So what’s basically happened here is I worked my back sore, took pain pills to make it not sore, then worked it some more.


So I’m headed home today after I get something to eat here. When I get home I’m going to lie down and do nothing for several hours.

And I mean nothing.

I’m shutting down the computer, turning off the phone, turning off the cellphones, heck I might not even watch TV or read. Just rest.

Because I know if I don’t do this I’m very likely going to be no good for the rest of the week.

This sucks too because I’m not working this weekend due to the holiday and a friend coming to visit. This puts me even more behind at work.

But if I’m “bent” there’s no way I’d be able to catch up anyway.

This also sucks because it means not getting to work on either the garden or the lawn tractor. I fear my watermelons are going to suffer because I haven’t watered them in a few days and they need lots of water.

I hate things like this because no matter how “okay” it is to be sick/injured it still puts one way behind on anything they need to get done. And I’m already behind on quite a few things.

Then of course you feel like a slacker because all you’re doing is lying on your back. And then if it takes more than a couple days you get the sneaking suspicion that your coworkers are talking about how lazy you are behind your back. The ex-military people in particular - “I had worse injuries in basic training!”

So you end up feeling like a complete waste of space so you work yourself harder when you come back to lose that impression...and then usually end up being sick/injured again.

This is one cycle in life I could truly do without.

Other cycles I could do without include:

Turning 40 years old.

Not sleeping enough or not being able to live on 4 hours of sleep any more.

Car maintenance.

Lawn mowing.

Self doubt...


Anyway I’m going home to rest. Nobody call me ‘cause I ain’t answerin da phone. ;-)
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