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Pretzels are also not a back substitute...

August 27, 2008 11:07 AM 8/27/08

So I went home early yesterday and tried to lie flat for a time but only managed to do it for a couple hours at most. I even tried soaking in a hot bath but that didn’t help. I just couldn’t sit still and do nothing. Even with a book and the computer I just couldn’t sit there.

So I got up and did stuff. I managed to work through the pain and it eventually dropped to a more manageable level. That allowed me to install the new motor in the lawn tractor. (Still haven’t gotten it running yet but I should be able to do that when I get home today.)

Truth be told a friend of mine has the right of the situation - I need to just keep working my back and it’ll adjust in a month or two. It’ll be painful but it _will_ do it. It _has_ done it in the past but like many things I forgot about it until reminded.

On that subject I really need to lose the weight. It’s just going to take a drastic change in diet and exercise both at work and at home. Unfortunately at home there’s a problem - I’ll be the only one changing. At least that’s what happened the last time I tried a special diet.

It’s wonderful to “support” someone’s actions but when the things you do make that person have to work extra hard to achieve the results you’re “supporting” them for then there’s something wrong.

Anyway my lunch diet is pretty healthy as long as I don’t get the fries or pie. It’s the home diet and the on-the-road diet that needs to change.

At home I need to eat less meat and more vegetables. Next spring this will be easy as I’ll have a better variety growing in the garden but for the moment I just need to purchase and eat more vegetables from the local farm stand or the grocery store. It’s just that simple.

As for more exercise I need to spend actual time exercising. Oddly while mowing the lawn with the push mower _is_ exercise it’s not enough of the right kind of exercise and really isn’t all the aerobic. So fixing the lawn tractor so I can mow the yard faster is a good thing as it gives me time to do other things like actual exercise.

Which reminds me - we still haven’t bought Wii Fit yet so I should plan on picking that up next week. (This week is a lean week.)

My friend from Florida should be here the end of the week so I have to get the geek space in the garage at least finished enough to do some soldering out there. I’ll likely spend money I shouldn’t and pick up a couple of inexpensive task chairs. Oddly IKEA seems to have ones that are okay for not too much money but it’s a little out of my way. I suppose I could run over there during lunch but I hate spending my time that way.

I don’t like it but unless there’s some cheap ones at the office stores likely I will have to buy them at that most evil corporate predator Wal-Mart.

However I’ll probably check Costco just to see if they have ones for not too much money.

I really should never have given up my beat-up old red desk chair. It was one of the most comfortable ones I’ve ever owned. That and the one set of rolling office chairs we were using as kitchen chairs for the longest time. Those would have worked perfectly in the garage. Oh well...

Anyway I should have the space set up just fine when my friend arrives. I’ll have to look for my soldering iron and I’ll definitely have to have him show me how to use the desoldering station I bought so long ago. Once I know how to properly use that thing I will be able to dismantle most of the older electronics I want to get rid of and use the parts elsewhere. That’ll save me quite a bit on parts when I want to build something from scratch.

And there are an awful lot of home projects I want to build from scratch both in the electronic vein and in other areas. In fact a great many of my ideas combine quite a few different areas of expertise. Which is good for me because I have a tendency to have a lot of different skills to put to any one task....just not in great depth...

Another friend once told me not to be bothered because I was a “jack of all trades”. He said something strange that makes great sense. He said “We are the last of the renaissance men.” and I can’t help but agree on some level. Especially with the push towards making individuality, true individuality, a crime.

Don’t believe me? Put something completely different and artistic out on your front lawn. Or wear some really outlandish clothes to a job that doesn’t require customer contact. Or paint your car in shiny chrome paint. You’ll get someone complaining about it within days if not sooner.

The same goes the actions and words that truly creative people use. People are “offended” and “shocked”.

Personally? I think they’re offended because they didn’t think of it first. ;-)
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