nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Note to lawn tractor hackers...

August 28, 2008 11:07 AM 8/28/08

After upgrading from a 12 hp motor to an 18 hp don’t pop the clutch.

Or you will do a wheelie on your tractor.

That’s actually what happened last night. I managed to get the new motor in the lawn tractor running (after buying a new coil) and didn’t count on it having that much more power. I mean it’s only 6 hp greater than my old motor but it really makes a difference.

And not having the mowing deck on the tractor means it’s a lot lighter. Thus the wheelie.

Anyway it’s running except for a muffler. I’m going to check Sears because they carry tractors with the same motor but if I can’t find it there I’m going to have to buy it online somewhere. No biggie but it means mowing the yard this weekend kind of loudly. ;-)

The other thing I have to add tonight is a switch for the anti-runon carb solenoid because the main switch has no V+(ignition) switch to hook it to. No biggie I just have to remember to turn it off after using the tractor which shouldn’t be a problem since I’m mounting it on the front panel. Maybe I’ll wire an LED into it so I know when it’s on.

Anyway I should have it put back together except for the muffler today and that can go on with the motor cover in place. A few days work and it’s all working properly. Not bad for an aging geek. ;-)

Of course it’s raining today so I can’t cut the grass anyway but I need to get it done as soon as possible. *rolls eyes*

Speaking of geek I have to find my soldering iron before my friend from Florida gets here. I have the cheap and nasty one but it’s unsuitable for anything but automotive soldering. It could only be in one of three places so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’ve already got the desoldering unit out but haven’t set it up yet. I’m going to have to more the drink fridge as well.

I also have to go out and buy a piece of masonite. Hopefully I can find one locally and I can get them to pre-cut it for me. I’ll need that and some construction adhesive. (NOT Liquid Nails)

There’s still a lot to get done.

On top of this I want to organize things so there’s a more comfortable seating arrangement out in the garage for when my rather acerbic and witty friend from New York comes out to visit. ;-P

Frankly I really want the space out there to inspire thought and ideas and invention. I really really need it to be my creative space. A place where I can record and test my own plans and ideas. And it’s turning out that way just slower than I anticipated.

I know I’ll have to discard stuff to make the room to organize that space like that but quite frankly I don’t have a problem with that. *cheering sounds from New York* I just don’t want to discard too much. There’s a lot of older computer stuff that I’m keeping for sentimental and historical reasons and frankly I’m not going to be getting rid of it any time soon. I am however going to get rid of quite a bit of stuff that I don’t need. Anything that I can I will put into an orange garbage bag and anything that I can’t I will dispose of through the proper channels.

In the end I want not only all my computers out there but all my computer books as well. I probably won’t put the SciFi out there but I will definitely put the anime out there. Of course all this means making sure that the place is climate controlled in the summer. It’s not too bad now since I opened up the one ridge vent but it could really be much better. I’ll probably buy an air conditioner during the end-of-summer sales this fall and then install it next summer.

I’m hoping that provided we don’t spend it all on our trip to Montana there will be enough out of our tax refund to get central air installed but I’m not holding my breath. That shit’s expensive.
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