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Does my ass look fat in this life?

September 2, 2008 11:17 AM 9/2/08

It was both a busy and a lazy weekend. Yesterday was particularly lazy. I pretty much just broadened my ass yesterday by sitting on it all day.

This weekend not only did I have a friend from Florida visiting but unexpectedly my other friend from NY also stopped by. Both got waylaid by my neighbors for several hours. They’re not bad people but more blue collar than I think my friends were used to. Still fun though.

I helped set up a karaoke system using a laptop, my mixer, and their stereo system. That went well and as thanks my neighbor mowed my lawn for me. Worked out well enough. I think I’m going to buy them a mixer and cables for Christmas so I don’t have to lend my mixer next time.

My lawn tractor muffler should be in tomorrow so that means I’ll be able to use the lawn tractor to mow the lawn this Friday and thereafter. It also means I’ll have my plow this winter so I won’t have to shovel.

That reminds me that I have to stack firewood when I get home. It’s been in a big pile since Saturday. No big deal there as long as I get it done in the next day or so. I also have to run the weed whacker around the outside of things as well.

I also need to work on the three color laser printers I have in there from the surplus place. They all have different problems but the most likely candidate for repair is fading the print on the left side so I think I’ll pick up some cleaning paper just to make sure that it’s not something stuck in the paper path. These are all Color LaserJet 2550N printers which are fairly new and worth the effort. I’m also picking up a couple of LaserJet 8100N printers this week that work just fine. I’ll put the old LaserJet 4ML outside in the garage and the large 8100 can go inside and be the main house printer. Thankfully all these things are not too expensive and are needed upgrades as the 4ML is aging rapidly and we are in need of a tank of a printer for all the stuff we print out.

Hope that the rain over the next few days will help the watermelons spring back because I sprung a leak in the soaker hose this weekend. Thankfully the neighbors turned it off for me as I left it running when we went to the surplus place.

The politics front is at the fore of my mind since my friend from NY visited this weekend. I won’t go into it here because it’s being covered to death elsewhere. I will say this though - it’s going to be an interesting election. I just hope it isn’t rigged like the last two. Thankfully several states are tossing the Diebold machines out the window.

In case I didn’t mention it I’ve got the one rain barrel fully installed and the downspout from the garage cut and placed properly. And wonder of wonders rain barrels have been mentioned in the city newsletter as something to reduce the storm sewer load! This is excellent news because it means that someone in the city gooberment is okay with them being used and that means I can have quite a few of them as long as I keep them bug and mold free.

So with the exception of this week I will likely be ordering one ever “fat” week to be put under existing downspouts. I’ll probably also connect several of them along the back side of the house for increased collection. I intend to take full advantage of this situation. ;-)

I can’t do it this week but very soon I need to get one of the tall ladders so among other things I can move the weather station up to the top of the garage peak where it’ll get at least semi-accurate wind readings. I’d like to add a moisture sensor and a barometer to the whole thing but that’s money I can’t spend right now. And speaking of roof peaks I need to create some indoor covers for the gable vents so I can shut them during winter to conserve the heat. I’m thinking about a sliding cover-panel that seals but I’d be just as happy with a simple shutter and that in fact would be much easier to make if not as easy to automate. ;-)

Speaking of automation I really need to get the existing attic fan replaced as it’s dying. If I’m going to do that I’ll likely forego the temperature controlled switch and go with an X10 Pro inline module to computer control it. Once I get the weather station data sorted out and properly being logged and extracted I’ll be able to turn on the fans as needed. I’d like some internal house temp sensors but I’m not there yet.

So far automating the house is proving to be a little problematic because of the existing wiring but I can work that out. Likely a good couple of X10 signal amplifiers in key locations will solve most of the module problems I’m having which all seem to center around the modules not being able to “hear” the transmitter. For instance it’s hit-or-miss as to if the modules in the garage will answer to the transmitter in the house. Even in the house it’s problematic because sometimes modules won’t activate/deactivate once you reach a certain distance. I’m pretty sure this is because of the circuit breakers in place and the older funky wiring. More testing is definitely needed but I’m not going to be picking up an X10 signal amplifier any time soon so I’ve kind of got to make do right now.

As I’ve had to do much of my life....
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