nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The country needs a bowling ball enema...

September 5, 2008 11:12 AM 9/5/08

I mean, really, was it really necessary to try and fearmonger using a video at the RNC?

I saw another one of those bumper stickers today that said “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention.”. And I agree.

Anyway it’s getting close to harvesting time for the watermelons regardless of if they’re big enough or not. At the very worst they provide seeds for next year. (Yet another reason to plant heirloom strains - no engineered sterility.) I think it got down into the low 50’s last night and that’s getting too cold for them to survive. So this weekend I’ll take stock see what’s out there that can be picked.

And then in a couple of weeks I’ll weed-whack the entire area, expand the fence, and then till the entire area for next year. (Removing soggy carpeting - yuck.)

Then between now and next year I’ll be able to plan what exactly I want to do. And now that I’ve got a little more space in the garage I’ll be able to start things sooner and plant them with time to spare.

Made a list of lists yesterday and damn they were pretty comprehensive. Things like all the stuff we need to buy for the house, all the maintenance tasks that need to be done, all the computer things I need, all the improvements I’d like to do to the house eventually. No timeframe on any of them but it was nice to get it all down paper. I’m sure I’ve forgotten things but I think I covered most of the stuff.

Still need to get more stuff out in the garage taken care of like getting the computer rack into the basement and re-organizing all the boxes and stuff I put upstairs. I’d really like to get the rafters insulated out there but I’m not sure if I’m going to have the time. I hate to use fiberglass insulation but money _is_ an issue unfortunately. If it weren’t I’d put the shredded Blue Jean insulation up there or spray foam. I might look into the spray foam stuff anyway.

Then again I might just leave all that until next year and just shove as much stuff up into the rafters as I can so I can dismantle the wire shelving or use it to hold the stuff from the third bedroom. Then over the winter I can take it down box by box and deal with it that way.

Sounds like a plan.

I don’t mean to say that I’m not going to discard before putting the stuff up there just that what’s left is not really going to be put up there in any organized manner.

It will solve a great many organizational issues when I get all the stuff out of the third bedroom because some of the stuff in the garage needs to go in there as well as books from the library. And my loving wife will then have an office space, I’ll have a garage space, and Bria will have an organized space in the library. It’ll all work out. Hopefully. ;-)

Along with the lists I wrote yesterday I also wrote down some rules for my spending. Good simple rules that I can tack up on the walls and follow. Things like no adding to the Amazon wishlist until you buy the things already on it. Same with E-Bay. Things like that.

Hopefully I can stick to those things. I put a note at the bottom of the reminder to write the lists that said something to the effect that both flying the Tardis and being a Green Lantern are all about willpower and control and that neither work without both. That about sums it up...
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