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Waffle cut up in a restaurant by a knife!

September 9, 2008 11:24 AM 9/9/08

Yes I’m listening to The Last Hero on Earth while at lunch.

Having no money - sucks. I mean it’s not like I haven’t ever been in that position it’s just that it’s hard to keep certain things moving without it.

Anyway I have to shuffle things into the basement today when I get home because I have too much in the rafters of the garage. No big deal there as all I have to do is dismantle the wire shelves, reassemble them downstairs, then move all the stuff that was on them down there.

I also have to make space for the servers down there so they can get out of the one closet and into someplace that is a bit cooler. The basement could use a bit more lighting but that’s doable later since the wire racks roll.

It went down into the 40’s last night so that’s pretty much it for the garden. I might let it go another week before knocking it all down and plowing it under. I suspect that I won’t be able to expand the garden this year because I need the space to stack firewood.

Yet another thing I need to pay for - a chimney sweep. And that has to be done fairly soon or it will be too late to air out the house afterwards. Maybe in a week or two. Next week is out because we have a number of large bills to pay.

Sitting here in the small nature space near the reservoir and there’s a four-winged dragonfly flitting about. I haven’t seen one of those in years. Nice to know things like that are still around.

Parent/teacher night last night was okay. We met her teacher and her speech therapist. I think my wife is a little less concerned about her progress in the new class than she was before. Like I told her it’s early and they’re still trying to figure out where she is really. An expected thing to me. Regardless it went well enough.

I’m off work tomorrow so I can go in on Sunday and frankly much as my wife will grouse a bit about it I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow. It’s been a busy couple of weeks...

Anyway I’m looking forward to getting a lot of things done tomorrow or at least half that much. ;-)

I hope I can get the garage all taken care of before the end of the week so I can move all the stuff out of the third bedroom this weekend. Unfortunately the servers will be last because I have to run some wire for them before I can move them. The worst will be the wire from the phone NID to the router because it means crawling under the house.

And I ran across at least one hobo spider in the garage. Not fun. Thankfully I can clear the webs before I get under there. I still say I need a cable-running robot that would be able to grab a cable end near the NID and run it across the basement for me. The surface down there is too uneven or I’d just hack a Roomba to do it.

Can you guess I hate spiderwebs? I can confront spiders one-on-one but the webs tangling on me freaks me pretty badly. :-(

Oh well...needs to be done... *shrug*
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