nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Well my garage hasn't collapsed anyway...

September 11, 2008 11:49 AM 9/11/08

I managed to shuffle things from the side of the garage ceiling that was weak to the other side that has several of the full cross-members as well as the jack-post under it. They’ll eventually move downstairs but right now I’m trying to get the shelves in the basement set up.

Which I did for two of them yesterday. I still need a few of the replacement plastic pieces but those should be easy to come by. When I get home today I’m going to try and move some of the stuff on the remaining shelves downstairs so I can empty it and move it downstairs with the others.

Regardless I have the weight off the one cracked board in the garage which happens to be holding up the garage door opener. I’ll probably “sister” up a 4 x 6 to it and screw/glue the two together. It’s only supporting the garage door opener right now so that’s a valid repair instead of replacing it. Besides, come next summer I’d like to re-do the ceiling in there anyway to raise it considerably. I will still have to have a cross-member for mounting the garage door openers but that’s easy.

I’ve decided I’m going to try and leave the watermelons alone until the end of this month or first hard frost whichever comes first. That should give the seeds time to mature - something my mother reminded me needs to happen before they can be harvested.

Space is seriously opening up in the garage so hopefully by next year I’ll be able to start the seedlings in there well before planting. I’ll make sure and label them nicely so people don’t wonder what that strange guy is growing in his garage. Because you _know_ someone is going to call if I grow tomato plants. *rolls eyes*

Hmm...there’s an idea...I wonder what it would take to grow some of those things in the garage all year around. Have to look into that.

My friend is thinking about selling his boat. I want to buy it but my wife doesn’t want to see it in the driveway. Frankly I don’t want to pay for a storage space for it and don’t have a problem with it in the driveway in front of the garage. I think with a good cover it would look okay and bind us to the neighborhood. (Pretty much all blue-collar people. Nice folk.)

Paid the electric bill today. About $100 and I’d like to keep it that way but I’m waiting to see what the next one is. We used the fans, computers, and especially TVs more than usual so it’ll be a bit higher. I’m not opposed to using those things but anything we can do to keep the bill down sweetens the deal. I myself will be making the bill jump quit a bit next month because I’ll be powering up more servers but I’d like to be ready beforehand. I really have to separate the X10 things out and buy another remote as well as some signal boosters. That way it can all be automatically scripted and save the maximum amount of power. Saving us a lot of money.

And right now there are signal issues with the modules due to the house wiring. So likely the signal boosters will be first to make sure all the modules can “hear” the transmitters across the entire electrical network. Then the remote for my convenience in the garage. (Because right now my wife could use the existing remote to turn off my systems in the garage while they are running. This is BAD. I don’t want to lose any more data.

Which brings me to needing to set up the tape backup when I move the servers downstairs. That’s long past due.

Another thing that is long past due...a vacation for me and my wife. My wife in particular...
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