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There's never a wormhole around when you need one...

September 12, 2008 11:27 AM 9/12/08

Can we get off this planet now? Or at least out of this country?

Let’s see....

The Republicans are trying to disenfranchise voters in Michigan who are involved with or have been foreclosed upon. (They’re also thinking about doing this in Ohio among other places as well.) This removes a portion of the population that is angry against the current government.

The Senate Judiciary Committee just passed EIPA which basically puts the DOJ as the lapdogs of the media industries to pursue lawsuits against anybody even suspected of sharing copyrighted content. That law also removes many barriers to seizure of possessions in those cases.

The war in Iraq shows no signs of ending.

The war in Afghanistan shows no signs of ending.

We’ve recently told our military that we can pursue and fight into Pakistan without their permission. (There’s another war waiting to start.)

We’re still trying to start a war with Iran.

Our economy is sliding downward regardless of what anyone says. We’re trapped in our own mire.

And we’re sinking rapidly.

Someone elsewhere mentioned the phrase “arranging deck chairs on the Titanic” and it sure does fit. Right now we’re sinking badly and it seems that all but a few people are part of the band playing in the background waiting for the end.


Don’t know what to do? Well here’s a list...

VOTE!. It may not make a difference but it can’t help but make a change.

CALL YOUR CONGRESSCRITTER! Do not let them put you on hold for any length of time. Do not accept taking a message. TALK TO THE PEOPLE INVOLVED DIRECTLY. Inundating them with physical phone calls is the only way that I can see that the thoughts of the average man or woman will be heard.

CALL THE MEDIA! Once again - inundation from physical phone calls about a given set of subjects will cause them to sit up and take notice despite how much money they’re getting from their corporate sponsors.

E-mail gets deleted. Faxes get trashcanned. And if the phone calls ALWAYS go to voicemail then THAT is something you can tell the media when you call them.

And if they don’t answer either?


No feces. No urine. No fake blood. Nothing to throw. Just your voices and the signs and the cameras.

Start no fights. If they hit you DON’T hit back. This will force them to show their true colors.

The problem with active protesting is that once you swing a fist or throw an object then THEY BECOME THE MARTYRS AND YOU LOSE ANY CHANCE OF SHOWING THE TRUTH OR MAKING YOUR POINT.


I’m out of time here today but please people AT LEAST DO SOMETHING!
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