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Anybody for a moat in the front yard?

September 15, 2008 11:20 AM 9/15/08

After four days of rain our front yard looks like a moat but quite honestly I’m not complaining as there are worse things going on.

I just talked to a friend via text message and apologized because I forgot that he does programming for a financial giant and in case you haven’t been paying attention to the news that’s a nasty situation. (I was complaining about our T1 being down at work. Again - sorry dude!)

We’re now seeing the leading edge of the economic collapse of our country. No doubts about it now. First the large financial organizations, then the smaller financial organizations, then major crashes in everything else.

And we did it ourselves by letting large businesses run roughshod over the people that pay out the money - the consumers.

And it’s going to get worse. I only hope we can survive it.

Some other friends and I were discussing it and we figured out that as long as they can remain employed the people that have just a mortgage and not a lot of other bills should be okay.

But we also figured out that’s probably about maybe 5% of the country if that.

On top of everything else people are taking out home equity loans to supplement their income. I can’t fault them for survival stuff but there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch and those loans will only increase their burdens.

*sigh* Even my technology is betraying me today - my cellphone won’t connect to the data service. Grrr....

This country is falling into a depression fast. An economic depression, a technological depression, a social depression, and many other things. We’re headed for the second Great Depression of our country and I for one am not looking forward to living through it. It’s not going to be fun.

On the bright side though I’ll finally lose some weight. We all will...

And while I can’t say I’m glad at the source we need to all lose that weight as a country. We’re fat, happy, and lazy - or at least a good portion of us are. We need to become the lean trim and hardened country we have been in the past.

Once more we’ve been thrown into the fire to burn the fat off.

And we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. _I_ didn’t do enough. _I_ didn’t save enough. _I_ didn’t help enough people. _I_ _I_ _I_

Anyone who blames it on the terrorists is an idiot. Anybody who blames it on the government is shortsighted and needs to ask who elected these people.

Anybody who wastes their time on blame is foolish.

We don’t have time to waste on blame. What time we have needs to be spent on fixing the situation.

Anybody who tries to convince you otherwise is not someone you should be listening to.

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Sep. 16th, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)
I don;t think the economy will survive.. in fact, I'm not even sure civilisation as whole will...

See, this Depression is going to pretty much lay waste to the economy, and the shit will hit the fan at about the same time as Global warming is doing the same thing to the ecosystems, which will trash agriculture. [do you have any idea just badly that's going to affected...50% loss of production minimum! within 15 years].

On top of that, most of the infrastructure that was built in the 60-70's and 80's is now falling apart, and the money for investment in that just won't be there. So stuff like the national power grid, roads, ports etc will start failing just when they're stressed most and needed.

Then there's the oil situation, which despite what the oil compnaies are saying, has reached a peak of production and will plateau for at most 10 years, and most likely 5 before it declines sharply as wells run dry. And regardless of what people are saying the Arctic isn't going to bail you out, it's at most 5% of world-wide capacity and won't be online for a minimum of 20 years even if you go all out for drilling now! [investment in alt.fuels might save us, but like I said, that money is gone]

It's pretty much a "perfect storm" scenario, where all the worst possible influences combines into one overwhelming disaster.

I sure wouldn't want to be the next President... I do not think there's anything we can do but enjoy the ride at this point. We are well beyond the point of no-return. Best that can be hoped for is that your fellow Americans elect Obama with an overwhelming majority, and he proves to be competent at disaster preparation. [it can't be stopped, but the affects can be mitigated.]

Worst-case scenario, they elect McCain who holds office just long enough to really screw things up, then drops dead leaving Palin in charge, and she proves just as inept as she seems.

Either way, I'd stock up on essentials and plan ahead if I were you... which actually, is what I'm doing because when this baby breaks, it's going to take everything down.
Sep. 16th, 2008 12:53 am (UTC)
This is why I took time to do basic learning this year with the garden even if I didn't do too well.

Bottom line is we probably aren't going to be able to sell this house for at least 5 years. So that means we're stuck in a suburban environment. Not the worst but definitely not the best.

As long as I can hold the homestead I can work on becoming fairly self-sufficient.

My big goal is a protected greenhoused garden area next year before planting, rain barrels at every gutter next year, and solar power the year after. Everything else I can cobble together though a hydroponics system in the garage would be nice.

The sad part is I'll have to figure out how to defend it all as people become more desperate. I can only hope as things become worse that mantrapping becomes legal.

*sigh* For now though I still have some hope. As you said we're past the point of no-return but still...still...we should hope that the sheep will awaken. To do otherwise is to doom the future of everyone we care about. And as realistic as I am (sometimes) I just can't do that yet.

Yeah yeah...I'm an optimist...at least I'm not as upbeat as someone like Rachel Ray. (Who I'm convinced has far too much energy for her own good! She's evil I tell you! Evil!) ;-)

Edited at 2008-09-16 12:55 am (UTC)
Sep. 16th, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
Well there's a creepy thought...
When this all falls...when it all finally goes dark...

The ones like us that have knowledge will be the monks of the old times.

Here's an even weirder thought...

The Goddess (yes, I'm Pagan) has placed a few well balanced individuals in lives that allow them to learn but give them enough strife to toughen up.

Those that survive become the seeds for a new renaissance somewhere down the road.

The men of winter cloak the world in darkness,
but the seeds of light remain,
guarded by the men of fall,
to be handed to the young men of summer,
in a brighter world.

Wow. My ego must be working overtime. ;-)
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