nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A buzzy day indeed...

September 18, 2008 1:41 PM 9/18/08

You can thank my wife for the title.

That and the wasps that are invading our home. I’m meeting the exterminator here this afternoon so he can spray the nest in the outside wall and then hopefully inspect the house to make sure there aren’t any more nests to be dealt with.

II killed three of the damn things this morning in the kitchen. I really really hate bees and wasps since having one fly up into my pants when I was a kid. Not. Fun. Ever since then I’m okay with one or maybe two of them and can kill them but any more than that and I actually start to panic.

Fears like this bother me because they are serious weaknesses. I don’t have more than a couple but they can seriously leave me tangled up so to speak if they overwhelm me.

And besides - I used to _like_ petting the fuzzy bumble bees. :-(

Still need to move more stuff down into the basement. I’ve been distracted by the wasps among other things.

Started playing with the Freeduino unit yesterday just to see how well it would drive a power transistor and it turns out to do okay at that. I still can’t program it from the linux box but that doesn’t bother me as it’s easy enough to add a serial dongle to the G4 out there and plug the Freeduino into that.

Pie today. Definitely pie.

*sigh* Hopefully there won’t be another nest and this will end the terror of the wasps in the house. I’ve got spray-foam to seal up the hole when he’s done.

I’ll probably give the garden the final ka-bosh here this weekend or next. It’s done well for a starter garden but I need to do better next year.

Very likely I’ll start some plants in the garage before spring so they are nice and hardy when they get planted. Of course I’ll have to ask the police to stop by and see them just so I don’t get them called on me. “Oh my god! He’s got green growing things in his garage! He must be growing pot!” *ahem* Nope...never seen that happen to people...nope...

Unless things go very very well I likely won’t get a greenhouse constructed this year. I just don’t have the resources yet. As long as I keep the garage tidy though I should be able to accumulate wood that I can use next spring to make the greenhouse and many other things.

*checks clock on MacBook*

Time to go deal with annoying flying things...
Tags: annoying, bugs, fears, gardening, geekery, neighbors, paranoia, wasps
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