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In search of truth and booty...

September 19, 2008 11:16 AM 9/19/08

In case ye not be aware it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

There be many tasks still to be done aboard ship this seven-day. Chests still to be stored in the hold to improve the amount of drinking space on deck. (Thanks be that the bilge pump works!) Several other things are after being stored in the crows nest now that the local witchdocter has removed the daemons from it.

There also be a great many things to remove from the guest cabin to be stored elsewhere. The wench has been on about me getting her a cabin of her own so I be after takin care of that problem.

I be needin to change the bilge filter on me red dingy as well. She be a bit cranky if I forgets.

I also be needin to chop up all the seaweed on deck and bag it for discard when next we reach port. A pity the seaweed grew no melons in the water worth mention. Mayhaps next year be better.

Fer fun last night I stuck me nose into my Arrrduino microcontroller. Managed to whip up a set of fading light banks that look like golden stars. One of the banks even be random! The sight be mighty fetching to the old peepers. I be keenly of a mind to use the pattern of said stars to monitor events on the computer like a certain Instructable called the Orb Build Warden.

In other portents me hopes I be able to get all me booty handled before the winter squalls hit. There be much to do and some needs be sold at market to the highest bidder. I needs to set about makin fanciful artworks to catch the eye so some lubber be payin me gold for the trinkets in question.

Tags: arrr, fun, geekery, pirates
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