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Stupid is as stupid rides...

September 26, 2008 11:07 AM 9/26/08

Or more precisely don’t ride through the fog at 5 in the morning. I had a serious case of “CSS” or Can’t See Sh!t. Nasty scary ride to work today...but fun.

acelightning pointed both me and siliconshaman to this Google challenge:

It’s basically ideas to help other people. They have $10M set aside to fund the winning idea into reality.

That rocks and I think I might have a few ideas as to what to submit. I’d love to see any one of my serious ideas help people even if I don’t end up getting paid in the process.

I need to find out if they will accept multiple ideas or if it’s one per customer so to speak. *checks the FAQ* Oh cool! You can submit more than one idea! Excellent! And I was right - it’s not a “we’ll give you $10M to make the idea reality.” That means this should only get serious people rather than money grubbers.

And I think I’ve got just the thing right off the top of my head...

In other news I still can’t get the damn Cobalt to play sound. It looks like I’ve got everything done right and the cobalt-port guys from the NetBSD mailing list haven’t gotten back to me so I might just have to file a kernel bug report. I hate doing that because if it’s not really a bug and just something I didn’t know how to fix I’ll likely get called a noob. Bah! :-(

So as of 2:30 p.m. today I’m on vacation for a whole week and I’ve got a great deal to get done. I’m so horribly anal about what I’ve got to do that I went and made a Gantt chart for all the tasks from Monday to Thursday of next week. As long as I keep at them and get them done everything should go as planned. When I’m done a lot more of our house and grounds should be better organized and won’t be so hard to maintain. That will leave me time to devote to other projects like re-covering/refurbishing my grandmother’s couch, making the second motorcycle ridable, the root-ball staff I have finally started for a friend of mine, and maybe actually reading again regularly. (I feel like I’ve been in a literary desert for quite some time because I used to read a book every couple of days. Yes I read that fast.)

And once all this is handled I’ll also finally have the organization to be able to make time for things like re-learning my programming, writing, video editing, electronics stuff, and many many other projects.

I’m hoping that once I get the third bedroom done I can put some good task lighting in there for our daughter to work at the one desk with us. Once I finish the current crop of house stuff I’ll actually have time to spend with my daughter and my wife as well.

That’s precious time I have felt unable to spend lately. I’ve been so hammered by things that I’ve been hiding out in the garage trying to relax. Once most of this major organization stuff is finished I won’t have such a big load and some of that pressure will be off. This is a good thing.

Anyway this week will hopefully get everything back on track but only if I keep at it the entire week. I think I’ve left enough flexibility in it to allow me slack and I purposely didn’t schedule anything on Friday just in case things run long or I’m a little slow at getting them done.

Which admittedly I sometimes am...
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