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Back to the pit I say! Back!

September 29, 2008 2:00 PM 9/29/08

After crawling through spider-infested, damp, dusty, icky, and gloomy spaces under the house I’ve got wires run for both the DSL and a network wire into the third bedroom. (I _hate_ spider webs.)

Accomplishing that I managed to move all my currently running servers downstairs into the partial basement and they thankfully all came back up and running okay....for now...*knocks on wood*.

So that leaves only two real task for day one of my vacation:

1) Move the surplus computer/electronics stuff in the garage into the basement. (Oof!)

2) Organize the rest of the garage. (Not so oof.)

I’ll likely start working on number one here in a little bit then number two I can do most of the night as long as I’m quiet after 9 p.m.

I need to plug the existing laser printer into the hub at the other end of the third bedroom so it can be used until I can get the 8100n set up in there. (It’ll be nice to be able to print “B” sized again.)

I submitted my first idea to Google’s project for ideas to help people. ( ) I don’t want to post it here just to keep things clean but since the idea is fairly cheap to run with, easy to test, and could benefit everybody I have high hopes for it.

Once the garage is all organized I should have more space to test some of these projects myself. And that really is something I want to do for a good portion of the next few years. I want to work on ideas of helpful or fun and hopefully easy to understand and build.

I think that unless there’s a good reason I’d like to release any of the helpful ideas to the public domain. That doesn’t sound very good for making money but frankly I want people to benefit from anything I come up with. And if it’s a choice of being buried by a corporate entity and making millions or being poor and millions benefit I’ll take the latter almost every time.

I can’t say that I wouldn’t think about taking the money. I mean the money would put me in a position to help a lot more people and come up with a lot more ideas. But could you bury one gem so others could have a million of them? I’m not sure I could...

It’s been lightly raining all morning so it feels a little blah here right now. I’d light a fire in the fireplace but we haven’t had it checked out yet.

Turns out that’s not too expensive after all - $140 or so to clean it and check it out for us. I was expecting some sort of insane $400+ “inspection fee” but this is actually reasonable. Likely I’ll call them and get them out here later this week hopefully.

*pauses to get the mail from the mailbox*

Oh cool! My dvd of The Specials arrived. Supposedly this a sleeper campy superhero movie. It cost me almost nothing from Amazon so I picked it up. Maybe I’ll watch it tonight.

Oddly my daughter got a letter from someone in her class. I think that was a class exercise - to send mail to other classmates. My wife’s dvd on biomedical interventions for autistic kids also arrived. And the best part of today’s mail? NO BILLS! Woot!

On a side note I seem to have gone almost vegetarian in some ways. I now eat nothing but vegetables for breakfast. Weirder yet I’ve given up coffee pretty much. Tea though seems to be a good staple drink for me - either unsweetened iced tea or hot tea with a bit of honey in it.

That sounds good....I think I’ll go make some tea now...
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