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I can haz nuther vacationz now plz?

October 6, 2008 11:12 AM 10/6/08

As always vacations are too short. And having to go into the office on one of those days completely threw my schedule off.

Still I got some things done and now have the space in the garage to shuffle things around and get the stuff in there swapped with the stuff in the third bedroom.

Had to kill yet another wasp this morning. That’s three over as many weeks so I’m going to call back the exterminators if I see another one because at that point it’s not just coincidence.

My wife did a wonderful job of going through the boxes in the living room so you can actually see the fireplace now. We’re getting there...

I didn’t get to anything in the garden yet so that’s still a horrible mess. I’m hoping to get to that this week because I won’t have time to get to it this weekend. If I don’t it’s no big deal either.

Hopefully it’s going to be dry enough to mow when I get home today. I think today is close to the last mowing day left of the season so I’ll probably mow the yard, trim, then take the deck off the mower and swap the grill for the mower in the garage. That also means putting the plow back onto the front of it again so it’s ready for first snow. If there is a need to mow again I can use the trim mower.

My wife has said that she likes the one old dresser so I need to go out and get a couple of knobs for that as well as clean it up before it goes into the house. I should be able to get that finished when I get home today and then we can get it in the house so it’s out of the garage at least. Need to wax the bottom of those drawers as well as the ones in the kitchen.

Way behind on any writing but I should be able to catch back up once the garage/bedroom swap is finished.

Currently managing to keep at least one fish alive. That’s better than we did with the last batch. I have to clean the tank again and vacuum it. I’d love to have a larger tank eventually but we just don’t have the space.

The air in the house is considerably better since I changed out the furnace filter. The other one was badly clogged. I’m hoping we can make one last more than a month but I bought three so we’re okay there. I really need to get the moisture barrier replaced in the crawl space as the dirt is really damp down there. Or was when I was changing out the filter. Maybe the furnace will help that now that we’re running it again.

I finally figured out a good way to light that space - LED christmas lights. Installing them will be a blast as well because I figured out I can use a remote control tank to do so. Not the cheapest method but better than crawling all over the place under there. (Ick.)

If you take an airsoft capable tank and notch the barrel you can tape a string to one of the airsoft pellets and place it so the string is in the notch then you can drag the lights to a far location in the space, fire the airsoft pellet out using another pellet already loaded in the tank. That will knock the front pellet out of the barrel and leave it lying on the ground along with the end of the lights. I figure I can light the entire crawl space using this method. Unfortunately the RC airsoft tanks that suffice are a minimum of $60 or so. Not cheap as I said but workable.

And once you’re done wiring you could easily put a wireless camera on it and use it to check for foundation problems. ;-)

Which reminds me that I need to clean out the vents in the crawl space walls. They are pretty much boarded over but shouldn’t be. Not sure if I’ll get to that this year though.

Harvested our “accidental tomatoes” a couple of days ago. There’s still one out there that I might bring in and harvest the seeds from. It was bug nibbled so I didn’t pick it but the seeds should still be good. I’ll have to look up drying those. I’ve already dried a dozen watermelon seeds properly for next year so these shouldn’t be too hard...
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