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October 8, 2008 11:33 AM 10/8/08

I’m damn tired. I was up late last night working on my Cobalt Qube server so it can become the file server for the house with NetBSD on it and USB drives attached. That gives me expandability and I don’t have to open up the damn case on the Qubes.

I’ll have to back it up over NFS unless I use rsync or something but that can all be worked out easily enough.

Watched the movie The Specials last night. It was actually a pretty cool parody take on the whole superhero genre.

Unfortunately that and re-compiling a mips kernel kept me up late. We really need more hours in the day...

Got the lawn mowed for what should be one of the final times before first snow. Now I just need to empty the rain barrel and tear into the dead garden weeds. Maybe I can get to some of that this weekend on whatever day the wedding isn’t.

So far getting the Qube2 to play (and record) sounds has been the highlight of this week. I’m driving to Burlington, WI to pick up my mother’s computer today so I can have it ready for the weekend. Not a big deal I just hate this weather. (Where was this damn rain when I was growing watermelons??)

I’ve had to fire up the furnace in the garage when I’m out there late. I think I’m not going to program it this year but leave it set at the 45 degree mark. That will prevent freezing in there and I can always turn it up for the time I’m in there.

Went to put filters on those gable vents and found, of course, that they are an odd size - 13“ x 24”. I could probably get away with wider than 13“ so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Unfortunately the house furnace takes 16” x 25“ filters so there goes the hope that I could buy one set of filters and be done with it. :-/

I’m hoping that I can get around to the final shuffle of stuff this weekend as well. I really really want that part of the project finished. Once that’s done there’s still organizing to be done but there shouldn’t be a lot of large swaps involved except for perhaps books. Someone on showed some simple swing-down organizers and I think I’ll do that out in the garage. It’ll be a good way for me to store certain things out of the way and give me shelf space back for things like technical books and CD/DVDs. (I’d love to get a projector set up our there but that’s unlikely at this time considering how expensive they still are.)

I also need to swap the tractor and the grill this week. Any remaining mowing days I can do with the trim mower without too much trouble and I don’t think there’s going to be too many of those left.

Thought of another idea to submit to Google but it only benefits civilian submarine makers so I’m not sure if I should submit it there or not. If I don’t submit it there I’ll post it here.

There are so many good ideas that I need to test out but there’s also so little time and so little money...
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