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Do you smell something burning?

October 9, 2008 10:46 AM 10/9/08

It’s me.

Was up all night last night futzing with different computers trying to get them all configured properly. Almost finished with my mother’s system. I managed to recover the password for my mother’s Gmail so that was pretty cool. I’ll transfer her data tonight then re-do her router tomorrow so that it all will work properly when she plugs it all back in.

For the record - the recover/show passwords extension for Thunderbird can be used on 1.0 versions of the app as long as you edit the install.rdf file so that the minimum version is 1.0 instead of 1.5. You might want to remove the extension afterwards though just in case there’s a security or stability issue with it.

Thanks to some prodding by the guys on the NetBSD port-cobalt list I finally figured out that the RAM in my Qube 2700 was bad. Swapped that out, got the thing loaded, and started compiling a new kernel on it last night.

Which of course didn’t help me this morning when I replaced the kernel and rebooted the machine only to have it not complete the boot. And since that system doesn’t have a serial console it’s likely I’m reloading it from scratch again. That is unless the NetBSD boot loader can be manipulated through the panel buttons on that box.

No biggie as that box is going to be the main storage for the home network so once support for USB is done and Samba is installed all it needs is drives.

I like the Cobalt products. Low power, small form factor, and now inexpensive for the older units. I think I’m down to one left that isn’t up and running doing something and I’ve got a use for that one as well.

I still have some boxes that are pretty hefty horsepower wise like my older Netra/150 (the old green/gray box) and my E450 but frankly I can’t afford the power to run them right at the moment.

This all reminds me that I have to get the Vaxstation 4000-60 back on the network. I really do want to learn VMS but it’s a time consuming process and I couldn’t get the freeware to transfer to the machine properly the last time so I was stuck with some buggy networking stuff.

In other news the AIG executives are insane. “Hey! Let’s get the bailout money and throw a $500k bash at a resort to celebrate! What? We need more money? Well okay then we’ll just ask the government for more!“ Assholes...

*falls asleep at the keyboard*
*is poked with a fork by the waitress*

*ZZzznerk!* *Snort!* Antiestablishmentarianism!

Wha? Huh? Oh...right...the journal...

Haven’t decorated for Samhain/Halloween yet. I’m not sure if I want to try this year. Maybe some spider webs or something but nothing big. Next year year... ;-)

*Dreams of computer controlled electric copters disguised as fairies and a giant talking tiki*

Since it’s not raining today I should really get a tarp over the wood pile so it stays dry. It will still be a little damp by the time I get home but it should dry out without too much trouble. I can’t wait for a sunny day because we’re heading into winter and those will be less and less. Regardless I’m going to see if I can put some of it into the shed. The shelves in there are currently unused and it’s the perfect place to store that wood.

I really really need to get my act together. Organizing things helps but until I get everything on an even keel I’m definitely going to be more tired in the future not less. Not a good thing but not avoidable in this case because there’s so much to do...
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