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October 10, 2008 12:07 PM 10/10/08

For some reason I’d feel much happier if this world were surrealism based. I think I might be able to handle that much better than what we have. Of course currently following that path means ignoring the signpost labeled “This way lies madness!”...

And surrealism would certainly be better than our current economic situation... B-(

Anyway I only have my mother’s wireless to get finished so I can get it back to her tomorrow. Nice to get at least one project finished anyway.

Next up? My mother-in-law’s new computer which I just got E-Bay notification of the start of the shipping process from NJ. So that should be here sometime the middle of next week.

Once I get my mother’s wireless finished tonight maybe I’ll re-load the Qube 2700 again and see if I can’t make it stick this time once I re-compile the kernel. It’s _almost_ worth it to take it apart again and plug it into a Linux box and just re-copy the old kernel into place but that damn case has 12 screws to be removed including the drive screws before the hard drive comes loose. Cool looking - yes. Hard to get into - also yes.

Pie today? Maybe...maybe not... Still deciding.

I found a site a couple days ago advertising solar grid-tie systems for about $5k for a lightweight supplemental system to take the edge off the electric bill. That cheap is really a bargain and could likely be upgraded later. I’m seriously considering it for next year but we’ll have to see how finances work out.

That cost seemed a little light to me but the system is about 1kw so that’s about right for an installed grid-tie system because of the permits and paperwork and flotsam involved.


You know those days? The ones where you really don’t want to be much of anywhere? I’m having one of those days...


So anyway I still haven’t picked up the air filters for the garage gable vents. Maybe I’ll try and pick those up on the way home. I might even borrow an extension ladder from the neighbor so I can finally mount my weather center in the right place. It’ll be nice to permanently run that finally...
Tags: energy, geekery, green
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