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It's about the number not the clock dummies!

October 13, 2008 11:13 AM 10/13/08

So I’m looking at the news online yesterday and notice an article that says the National Debt Clock has rolled over and they had to sticky-past a dollar sign on the front so that they could use the original dollar sign display to display the one.

That doesn’t bother me - clocks roll over all the time. But this is the clock that tracks our National Debt.

The article stated that a new clock will be installed in 2009 and it will be able to display a considerably larger number.

Okay. Fine. Wait...WHAT?

So here in the US we’ve got a debt that rivals most debts in the known world (I honestly don’t know if it’s the worst or not) and instead...instead of figuring out how to lower that number...instead of using the broken clock as a talking point to rally the people to make the government fix the problem...we are going to fix the clock.

Talk about curing the symptom and ignoring the disease!

Every single person who hears about this should be screaming, literally screaming, at their congress-critter to find a way to lower that number.


Well...frankly...because we’re not sure it would help.

I mean look at what happened with the bailout. People did a wonderful job of calling their representatives in Washington to prevent pushing that crap through. And we stopped it - once. It was then amended and pushed through anyway.

And while I can’t speak to the changes I’m of the opinion that any part of that bailout should not have been done.

But what a fucking slight of hand that was. “Oh we’ve changed it! It’s not the same bailout plan as the first one!” And people bought that and the corporate losers who’ve been greedily sucking up all the wealth got their cash. It’s disgusting to me and it should be disgusting to most US people but for some reason they don’t seem to care.

If I let my tinfoil speculate I’d suspect something in the water supplies but I don’t think they’re that organized. The truth is that we’ve gotten lazy and apathetic. Partly because we’re not used to controlling our government and partly because we’ve been the fat cats for so long that we just don’t remember how to do anything else right now.

Add to that we’ve been taught to trust the government and the media and doctors and lawyers and...well you get the picture.

Things could be made quite a bit better if we didn’t trust anybody in authority except perhaps emergency personnel and even then only guarded trust.

You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see every member of our government’s private vehicles papered with the latest national debt number. Nothing damaging but use a big messy splotch of rubber cement so it’s annoying to remove but not difficult.

Plant lawn signs in their yards stating “Due to the national debt and your corrupt government actions we the people feel that your property could better be used as a homeless shelter and we claim it under eminent domain.”

We need more civil disobedience. Nothing nasty. Nothing damaging. Nothing dangerous. Just stuff they have to work to clean up. Stuff that the media can’t ignore if there’s enough of it.

Hang banners from every window that you can that says “Our national debt and our economy is what it is because of corruption and large corporations.” Or something like “Trust no one in congress or the White House.”, and maybe “Your government is lying to you.” Simple statements that everyone can understand. I’d love “Your government is no longer YOUR government!” but I think that would confuse people.

It’s still not quite too late to change this with words and deeds. We’ve still got a little bit of the other boxes left to stand on before we choose the ammo box.

And I’m really hoping that we don’t have to pull out the ammo box...
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