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October 16, 2008 11:07 AM 10/16/08

I really need to re-stock my drink fridge out in the garage. Besides the Guinness there’s one can of Pepsi left out there and that means with a few exceptions I’ve consumed a case of Pepsi in one week. Not good. I need to find some refillable “half height” water bottles.

That and we need to get a Brita pitcher or something. We can’t afford a good reverse-osmosis filter yet but we need to have something to deal with the city water.

And I need to take all that sugar out of my diet anyway. It’s just one of those “if it’s there I’ll drink it” things. I’ll keep a couple of cans in there for guests but if the water is there I tend to drink that first.

I need to balance my time better. I spent several hours in the garage last night testing a few things with my Cobalt systems and puttering in general. And that’s not a bad thing but I can’t do that all the time unfortunately.

The problem, like many things, is made up of more than one smaller problem.

Problem: I work a job that is never really a “day job” but rather a “day schedule but you need to be available at all times if something breaks job”. This leaves me feeling pretty tired sometimes so all I want to do is fun things at home that relax me.

Problem: New homeowner. Many tasks. ‘Nuff said.

Problem: Wife and daughter don’t get home until after 5 p.m. each day. Daughter doesn’t want to do anything but watch TV right now (Autism) and the wife sits in front of the TV with her laptop.

Problem: I also have a mild form of Autism and often need 100% “alone time” to deal with things.

Problem: I have a ton of things I want to learn and ideas that I want to test. (Fixing my math base and re-learing programming come immediately to mind.)

Problem: Bills need to be paid.

So you can see that balancing al these things is a...problem.

Here’s how it’s balanced so far...

1) I leave for work at 5 or so in the morning so I can get home around 3:30 p.m.

2) When I get home I handle any immediate chores that I have the energy for.

3) Then I go out to the garage and geek until my wife and child get home.

4) We eat dinner and then we all go to our separate corners.

Because my wife and child get home so late it’s usually too late for us to go out anywhere, going out costs money we don’t have right now anyway, my wife and I are so worn out by that time that we just want to relax, and our daughter just craves the TV after being without it all day. It’s almost like we are all so burnt that we just don’t want to do anything. We are not a nuclear family that much is certain.

But here’s the thing - in a lot of ways it works and we don’t have to be nuclear right now. Our daughter will grow up fine and we’ll eventually be able to wean her off of the TV as she matures. That extra time there will eventually grow into more family time as she matures as well. So perhaps...just perhaps...we’re “growing into” becoming closer as a family.

The key to all this is communication. And frankly that’s part of what stops my wife and I from spending time with our daughter. She’s not very in control of her emotions and more than a little spoiled by this time. And who wants to subject themselves and others to a crying child? Nobody, not the least of which myself or my wife.

But once she starts to communicate better (it’s already happening) we can deal with those situations and get a better handle on stuff. And that just takes time. (Hell it took me years to figure out most of the rules of social interaction and even now I still don’t act “normal” according to people.)

Time is always a resource nobody ever has enough of. The solution is to slow everything down but nobody wants to do that. But eventually that happens anyway as you age. WTF is with that?

The time resource is part of why I’m so hot on fixing my math and programming skills so that I can eventually find some way to do paid development at home. I’d love to be able to work from home but currently that’s not a reality as a lot of being an I/T Manager is hands-on. A RHEL or Cisco cert would help but those cost money I don’t have right now. *shrug*

Wow. This whole post is a rambling mass of stuff. I’m thinking I need more sleep...
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