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Plastic Elastic Fantastic and Spaztastic...

October 17, 2008 11:56 AM 10/17/08

So I finally started writing on the webcomic script again. I really really really need to find someone to draw it for me since I’m unable to get to learning how to draw it myself. I mean I’m up to the start of 13 sections that contain about 400 _words_ each. That’s quite a bit of story already and it’s only going to get longer.

Taking an extended lunch today because I have a meeting at 5 p.m. at work that is mandatory for me to attend. I figure if I’m going to be at work for 12 hours then I can get away with a 2 hour lunch. My boss has no problem with that. He’s pretty understanding.

Got several water storage containers ordered from E-Bay this week. Two 15 gallon ones and one 55 gallon one. I’m going to see about putting one of the 15 gallon ones in the house and the others in the basement. That should take care of water needs in the case of an emergency or something.

Next up will be food. I’ll probably start allocating money to buy MREs to store in the basement because they last about 5 years or so easily and don’t take up a lot of space. Plus since they’re fully sealed and plastic I could in theory store them in the crawl space portion of the house without a problem.

Still working on testing NetBSD stuff on the Cobalt boxes. There is definitely an issue with playing sound on the Qube2 but I don’t have any data yet. It locks up intermittently after playing for a long period of time. I don’t know if that’s the Qube2 or the sound drivers or what. I’ll have to rummage through the logs to see if I can buy a clue.

I need to move and re-wire the wireless for the house. It needs to be in a better location that precariously balanced on a box of stuff in the third bedroom.

We’re making some progress on things in the house but we’re both usually tired when we get home so we move slowly. And in truth except for wanting to eventually have a housewarming party we really don’t have any real deadlines. I want to get the third bedroom handled so my daughter and my wife both have a good workspace.

Have to go to the dentist next week but I won’t be able to schedule the appointment until Monday as they are off today. Cracked a molar yesterday. Ouch! I’ve got it patched with some of the putty they sell but that’s not a good permanent solution. The tooth blew out the rim of the crown so it’ll definitely have to be capped or extracted. Not fun but at least this time we have formal dental insurance.

There was frost on my truck windows on the one side today so winter isn’t too far away. I managed to get the furnace filters up over the inside of the gable vents on Wednesday so I’ve got a little better heat retention in the garage now but with proper airflow. I like the look of the open wood in the rafters because it’s all the classic board construction not plywood, but in the interest of proper heating and cooling I might have to insulate out there.

Just ordered two X10 amplifiers and a whole-house X10 filter so that all the modules can be controlled properly without issues. One will go in each circuit breaker box. The filter needs to go in the main breaker panel around the neutral wire for the entire house so I may have an electrician install it but not right away.

The big thing though at this point is to get the third bedroom finished before it snows as I don’t want to be carrying things back and forth in the snow. Same for the chimney cleaning - I don’t want someone up on a ladder in the winter. Not a good thing...
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