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It's not easy being spleen...

October 19, 2008 5:48 PM 10/19/08 sure where that title came from...sorry.

So we’re looking more and more at greening things in the house but it costs a great deal of money to do the things I want to get done.

I’m waiting on the water storage barrels for the basement but I still need at least four more rain barrels and that’s about $356 so I need to find that money somewhere. Then the solar gable fans cost about $400 plus the cost of a deep cycle battery so about $489 total and I eventually want two of them in the attic.

Just heard of the existence of soy based insulation that can be used in older homes. I’ll have to look into that. I’d like to see if I could get the blue jean insulation blown in but that is also expensive.

Looking up at the top of the garage I’m faced with a dilemma. I like the open wood beam look of the ceiling because it’s currently the exposed original boards of the roof. It looks DAMN cool and fits the age of the garage quite nicely.

Unfortunately I don’t like the fact that the roof has no snow on it in the winter. Ergo I have to insulate. And if I can afford it I will likely be using spray foam insulation which is considerably better than standard fiberglass insulation. I could use the blue jeans insulation as well but I’m not sure about that either.

I did think of something I could do though to gain that wood look back. Use recycled lumber instead of drywall to cover the roof insulation. Or better yet - use reclaimed wood flooring. (That would cost quite a bit though.) I could easily sand and stain simple pine 1x4’s to put up there and they would probably look fantastic.

And I’m betting that there’s a source for reclaimed 1x4 lumber as well. ;-)

Hell even cleaned up pallet wood could be used for this.

Damn. I’m running out of cigars again. I need to order more. Filthy and expensive habit everybody - please don’t start! More for me... ;-)

Started picking up the used deck wood yesterday. There’s more of it than I thought and will be plenty to make a good fence around the garden. I might even make a fence to separate the front and back yard so I stop getting dog “surprises” back there. I’m pretty sure it’s a stray not any of my neighbors.

A lot of these changes are going to have to be put on hold as winter approaches but next year will see a whole host of things done around here. I’m concentrating on getting internal stuff taken care of before winter hits then plan during winter.

“So it’s been and so it goes,
We plan our gardens while it snows.
For in our hearts each one of us knows,
We dance the dance eternal!”
(Solstice Song - Molly & the Tinker. Highly recommended: )

What else....

*someone whispers in my ear*

*zombie voice*

I never talk about my wife any more.

My wife was so nice to me. My wife let me have the whole house to myself today. My wife made the laundry idiot proof for me.

*shakes head violently*

WTF was that?? wife did give me the day off at home today so I rested a little. I was supposed to go into work today but I honestly felt like crap so I spent the day doing minor laundry and trying to de-stress. It’s been a busy six months...
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