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The pine trees of today hide the crows of tomorrow...

October 20, 2008 11:02 AM 10/20/08

As winter closes in on me I can’t help but think that we’ve only been at that house for six months now and so much stuff has happened but our life still remains more static than it used to.

I honestly don’t have a problem with that.

That’s not to say that things haven’t happened just that there is a more stable base (in some ways) underneath it all now. I guess that just comes with owning your own home. *shrug*

Not for the first time during the winter season I find myself missing those that have passed on to their next lives. My cousin, my grandmother, a recently passed friend, the list grows longer as I grow longer in the tooth. And I suppose it will grow longer still.

Not much I can do about that but it’s tiresome to see people move on while you remain. I suppose the only thing that I can hope for on this front is to not outlive my daughter.

Didn’t get squat done yesterday except laundry. I felt completely worn out. I basically ate, did laundry, and relaxed on the couch all day. I can’t keep doing that because I blew off going into work and that has some implications. My boss is okay with most of the time but doing that too often will get me canned.

Still working on the health thing. Forgot to take my vitamins this morning and forgot to pick up groceries yesterday. Going to have to hold on that right now anyway because I have a dental appointment this afternoon to have the cracked tooth looked at. That’s not going to be fun.

Someone, I believe it was acelightning (edited: definitely acelightning), pointed me to Bunny System recently so I spent most of the evening last night reading all those. Funny funny stuff and it’s now yet another webcomic added to my daily addiction. ^_^

I don’t like the sky outside. And the air smells of snow. (Anybody of Romanian descent knows what I’m talking about.) Winter will be upon us before we are ready.

That means I need to get all that deck wood moved, mow the yard one last time, and then get the plow put on the lawn tractor. Thankfully that’s in the garage now so even if it snows before I get the deck taken off and stored I’ll have a warm place to put the plow on it.

My solar path lights are having problems. I think I’ll look at making some solid casts of them next year and make custom ones myself. I’d actually like to make them out of real sandstone or something but that would be damn tough to do without getting them cut into rectangles by the quarry first. And that could get expensive quite quickly.

I just realized that today is the 20th of October and that is the deadline for the Google Project 10 to the 100.
( )

Not sure where my submission stands or even if it’s being seriously considered by them but I suppose we’ll know by the end of the week or so if it’s even in the running. I hope something comes of that because I don’t have the resources yet to create the project myself and it can help a lot of people in certain areas if properly implemented.

I need to start seriously planning for stuff to generate power in the garage so I can lower the load on my home electric bill. If I had about $5k free and clear I’d just buy a few solar panels and the attendant hardware to get set up with an inverter system out there. But $5k is hard to come by these days...’ll be much much harder to come by soon...
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