nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

No crunchy crunchy...

October 21, 2008 11:10 AM 10/21/08

So I had to go to the dentist yesterday to get my tooth filled and I find out that one of my habits is actually not good for my teeth - chewing ice.

In fact it’s likely what caused the original filling to break the tooth in the first place. So it’s all filled now and I’m under instructions to curb my habit of consuming pycrete. ;-)

Today and tomorrow seem to be the only two days this week that will be nice enough to get things done around the house so I’d better hustle.

And I’ve been remiss because my neighbor borrowed a ladder to help me with something and it hasn’t happened as of yet. I’ll see if I can’t get a hold of him today when I get home.

Got the two 15 gallon containers yesterday and they still had syrup residue. No big deal as that washes out fairly easily but the seller gave me a $10 refund because they were supposed to have been washed out first. So I’ll wash those out the next day or so hopefully. If I get them clean before it starts raining again I can just put the overflow hose from the rain barrel into them to fill them then add bleach and seal them.

Still waiting on the other 55 gallon barrel. Hopefully they got the order right and are sending me a water containment barrel not just another rain barrel. I won’t be too upset though if it’s just another rain barrel as I have more than enough spaces for those right now. It just means things are being obtained a little out of order.

Also still waiting on the replacement iPod parts to fix my old iPod. I contacted the seller and they supposedly shipped it out yesterday so I’ll have to wait and see if it actually shows up. Most sellers on E-Bay are okay so very likely the seller just forgot.

Damn. I’ve already forgot and am sitting here chewing the ice in my iced tea again. Takes time as always...

I need time and space to meditate in. I really do. I’ve just got to start doing that. I should be able to do that out in the garage without too much trouble once things get organized out there but frankly I need the time now so I’m going to just have to make a space out there. Y’know...I’ve got all the things out there to make a simple meditation table/stool. 4 - 2x6 boards, a square of plywood, some poly-fill, and some material would give me just the right thing.



Oh goddess...I’m contemplating building a tuffet. Well if that’s what it takes to get me meditating again that’s what it takes.

The garage windows are covered anyway so it shouldn’t matter. It’s not like I’m meditating in the nude or anything so peoples’ eyeballs should be safe. ;-)

I need to start on the whole paper making/book binding thing. I’ve got all the knowledge I need to get started now I just need to build the necessary tools.

Once again it’s all about time and space...
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