nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Navel Contemplation Warfare...

October 22, 2008 11:11 AM 10/22/08

Did a whole lot of nothing last night. I can’t keep doing that but I’m slowly wearing down.

And today I have to get home, spray the last remaining wasp nests in the garage vent, and then hopefully hang the weather monitor in the right place. Need to make sure the neighbor helps me with that because he offered and even borrowed another neighbor’s ladder.

I’m also going to try and get some more of that deck wood picked up. I’ll have to remember to take the sledgehammer with me so I can knock some of it apart before loading it up. That way I can take more of it in one trip.

I’d like to get the garden all raked up and bagged as well but I don’t know if I’m going to have time for that. I’m tempted to install one of my X10 floods on the back of the garage just so I can work back there when the sun goes down.

Also need to look at getting my own clamp meter so i can measure some of the circuit draws in that house without taking everything apart. Those are about $30 - $40 a piece but in a house with 1950’s wiring it’s almost a must to know what each circuit is drawing. And with winter on it’s even more important just in case we need a locational heater or something.

If the temperature when we moved in is any indication though it won’t be an issue as the house seems pretty warm in winter and there was snow all over the roof last winter so it’s got to be fairly well insulated.

It’s going to rain the next couple of days so I won’t be able to mow until this weekend. I’d like to put on the mulching cover for the mower deck and just mulch the leaves up but my wife thinks they need to be raked. (Hint: I’m going to mulch the leaves anyway. ;-P )

Drinking from a straw at lunch today seems to be helping me not chew the ice. A good thing an a good suggestion from yesterday! :-)

It does make me more aware of how much iced tea I consume though. I’m not too worried about that because the tea, even in commercial form, is considerably better than coffee for me.

That reminds me that I need to re-stock the drink fridge in the garage. I think other than having a six pack of Pepsi in there I’ll just stock some Guinness and the smaller water bottles. I should look into brewing my own tea and bottling iced tea for use out there. Since I don’t drink it with anything in it any more that should last an awful long time.

They really need wireless at this restaurant. 19.2k is way too slow.

Haven’t accumulated the parts for my small-scale VAWT yet. Maybe next week.

I wish I could grow vegetables at the same speed my task list grows! ;-)
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