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October 23, 2008 11:12 AM 10/23/08

So I’ve been watching the Planet Green network a lot and they mentioned something on one of the shows about companies that are now financing solar panels. Basically they install the system for free and then you pay them a monthly fee until the panels are paid off. So basically if you do it right your electric bill drops like a rock any time you have sun and then you pay the flat fee for the panels. That means, as they pointed out, a fixed electric bill for like 20 years or so. Depending on how much that amount is that could be a really really good deal.

And it sounds like a damn good idea anyway. I mean installation and initial purchase are the biggest barriers to adding solar to a home.

Maybe once we get our PMI paid off we can consider it. Looking at Google satellite photos of our house the roof is only partially obscured by the tree in front so we should get some fairly decent power out of any that we install. I think I might check into the monthly costs.

Thanks to the one neighbor I got the weather station put up at the peak of the garage so I’ll have a little better idea of what the wind readings actually are for my property. I’m quite thankful because that means I’ll be able to try and design for the wind amount rather than over-design.

Another of the neighbors stopped by last night so I could take a look at her notebook because it’s having a problem recognizing that the DVD drive exists. Tried the upper/lower filters thing and that didn’t work so either it’s a real hardware problem or it’s got a bad driver in the cache that it keeps re-installing. I think the drive might be a Matsushita U-850s instead of the U-842s that it reports as but I can’t seem to find updated or even re-load drivers for it from Toshiba. (Satellite A105-S2712) More research is definitely needed.

Looks like I“m going to be putting the plow on the mower sooner rather than later. Someone on the news said the dreaded ”S“ word. No biggie as I just have to pick up some bolts for that. I should probably mow today but frankly if it’s even close to snowing that’s pretty pointless unless it’s just to mulch up the leaves. (Which is still my plan.)

I didn’t want to go into work this weekend but they’re re-arranging the office so I have to go in afterwards to deal with the network wiring aftermath and to maybe set up a couple of systems. Point in fact I should probably just tell them to leave the computers unhooked and I’ll hook them all up myself but that’s an awful lot of cabling so I may not do that.

I got the X10 phase couplers/amplifiers in the other day so once I install one of those in each breaker panel the X10 signals should work properly on _all_ the outlets not just a few. And that means properly controlling all the power in the house regardless of what the item is. And scripting all that is a good precursor to doing that at work.

I’m still thinking about taking next Friday off for Samhain. I honestly could use the meditation time and I should probably be around during the day to hand out candy anyway as most trick-or-treaters are out when it’s still light out. I wish I had the resources to decorate properly but we’re just not there. Next year will be a different story. ;-)
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