nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A rain delay but not like you think...

October 24, 2008 11:15 AM 10/24/08

So I was thinking today as the water fell from the sky that there are a lot of cities and villages that are looking to delay the water soaking into the ground.

Well installing the rain barrels is one way but before it even gets to the rain barrels why not delay it even more?

I was thinking that you could create a network of pipes that in combination with a short rain chain slows the water ever more. For those with a bent for sculpture you could make a “rain angel”.

Take a bowl-shaped funnel (not cone shaped) and attach it to some 1/2“ copper tubing. Now bend the tubing into the shape of wings with the output eventually ending attached to another rain chain to the barrel below.

Now take the whole thing and cast a resin model of an angel around it with a wind-blown umbrella covering the funnel end and a cloud covering the output. This seals and hides the copper pipes and creates a popular sculpture. (I just chose angels because a lot of people can visualize a cherub with an umbrella. it could just as easily be an elephant with an upturned trunk outputting out it’s butt for all I care.)

If it rains faster than the ”angel“ can drain then it should just overflow onto the sides of the ”angel“ and into the rain barrel - no big deal.

Anyway this will delay at least some of the water so it has time to soak in and doesn’t just run off - at least around buildings anyway.

It would be fun if you lived in a brick building with a large wall space to build a copper rain sculpture that consisted of pipes bent in an ornate pattern bolted to the wall so that the gutters at the top feed into it and it pours water out of fountains at the bottom. That would be pretty cool.

It’s going to snow this coming week - I can almost feel it. At least I’ve got the tractor pretty much ready.

Couldn’t sleep last night so I stayed up and read a book on my iPhone. Regardless I’m a little out of it today.

I need to get back to doing physical meatspace writing again. I’ve neglected that part of myself for a while now. There’s nothing like putting a fountain pen to paper. I think it’s the flow of thoughts and the scratching of the pen.

Geeze. I just realized I haven’t written in the journal to my daughter for quite some time now. There’s a ton of things I need to write there that have happened since last time!

Once again the universe is trying to give me a reason to speed up when I need to slow down... :-/
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