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October 27, 2008 11:13 AM 10/27/08

If anybody is listening - don’t go into I/T as a profession. It’s a thankless, annoying, dirty at times, and massively stress inducing profession.

*checks real estate for cabins in Utah*

I’d really like to eventually turn I/T into something I do on the side at home for my own enjoyment again. That’s the way it used to be for me.

Well not quite but at least at the start when I went home I was _HOME_ and I didn’t get called in to do a bunch of stuff or spend an entire weekend (like yesterday) moving and plugging in computers and crawling under desks.

Such is the life of an I/T guy. *shrug*


“Still crazy after all these years...”

Damn I’m tired...

Figured out last night that I have enough plywood to make a cool wraparound desk/worktable in the garage. Oddly it was one of the design shows that gave me the idea. They took two pieces of plywood, glued them together, then cut them out in the shape of a tree trunk slice. Then he took a propane torch and ran it all around the edges to blacken them and finally bar-coated the top of it so it was massively shiny and sealed.

I’m thinking I could make something that would look damn cool using the same techniques.

Been putting off mowing the lawn in anticipation of the snow but it looks like I might have to just mow it.

Speaking of the house we had some good 12 mph winds the last couple of days. I’m now regretting not having a VAWT made up yet. In truth I’m not quit to that stage though so no great loss. Though I did start pricing the PVC pieces I’d need to construct it when I was at the hardware store the other day and they didn’t seem to be that expensive so maybe I can construct it earlier than I thought.

Stalled on the Qube 2700 NetBSD/USB project right now. I just had so many things hit me all at once so I had to go put out those fires first.

Last night was kind of strange for me. I actually sat and watched TV which I don’t normally do any more. I flipped between old M.A.S.H. episodes and both Attack of the Killer Tomatos and The Toxic Avenger. (Hmm...I wonder why you never seem to see Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD on TV any more...) Anyway it was an appropriate response after 7 hours or so of cable crawling work.

Another sign of winter today - my truck’s starter solenoid is acting up. It only does it when it’s cold. The same for the 50A main blower motor fuse. I suppose I could replace both those objects but one almost certainly requires jacking up the engine and the other almost certainly requires taking the dash completely apart. Neither is a fun job. And both will likely cost me a pretty penny to repair. It’s cheaper just to start the engine twice and stock 50A main fuses.

My daughter is doing considerably better in recent months. I notice she is answering interrogative Yes/No questions with better accuracy and more precisely stating the things she wants. She’s not happy about having to say whole sentences but she does it to get what she wants and that’s okay by me for the moment. :-)
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