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October 28, 2008 11:11 AM 10/28/08

I dearly love mechanical devices that do cool things. It’s one reason why I want to get my mini CNC mill fixed so badly. It may only be able to mill light aluminum but that’s more than enough to make stable gears. ^_^

Clockwork mechanisms I find especially cool. I’d love a chance to make some of the DaVinci items from the sketchbook images. It’s one of the reasons I paid for the coffee-table sized copy in the first place. There’s some amazing stuff in there and I have only just glanced through it. as of now.

It’s absolutely amazing what people can do once they completely understand the medium they’re working with be it technology, wood, steel, or words.

In fact I’m firmly convinced that the only difference in my opinion between the average person and a truly renaissance man is that the renaissance does two things:

1) Fully understands the medium within he is working. (Or as close to possible that is.)

2) Dreams.

A failure to understand the technology will actually make you afraid of it. It becomes “magic”. A mystery that you are not privy to and fear to know.

A failure to dream makes you inhuman.

(Irony - Paul Simon’s Slip Sliding Away is playing overhead in the restaurant.)

One day I hope to be a renaissance man. I fall short now in the first area but not the second. The good thing is that it’s easier to fix the first than the second.

I already have a great many dreams but not one medium have I found that I fully understand or am even close to it.

And that’s the thing isn’t it? That’s what makes a renaissance man or woman so special - they’ve broken through a barrier that many of us are stuck behind. Myself included.

But I’m working on it. And quite frankly it should be the aspiration of anybody willing to learn. They should try as hard as they can to become a renaissance man or woman in at least one aspect of their lives.


I was about to say that I couldn’t imagine a state anyone could be in where they are not willing to learn but there are quite a few people out there that refuse to even consider learning something new. I find that very very sad...

In other news it flurried last night but it’s supposed to be in the 70’s at least one day this week. If that happens I’ll take the time to mow one last time then pull the deck off the mower and put the plow on.

As I told our neighbor last night I really need to get the stuff in the garage taken care of before the snow hits. I’m also getting my friend’s boat in the rightmost parking spot soon - likely this weekend. It’ll actually take up less space than my wife thinks it will so we should still be able to fit three cars in the driveway if necessary.

The heater in the garage kicked on and off several times last night while I was working so I’m pretty sure that this year’s heating bill out there will be more than previous years. Thankfully we’re still on the budget plan so it’ll be a fixed amount each month. And I still have an $800 credit with the gas company last time I checked.

Speaking of money I need to start contributing to my 401K because our company does matching. As a friend so recently pointed out it’s free money and I’m a fool if I don’t take advantage of that.

Once again I’m tired...
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