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The Unbearable Flightness Of Fleeing...

October 30, 2008 11:04 AM 10/30/08

So it’s my second day of not really caring about anything. (Why do I suddenly have the urge to don black makeup and write emo poetry??)

I guess I’m just so tired of all the crap. Crap in government, crap in public places, crap at work, crap in private. It’s all crap.

Maybe I need to watch more George Carlin videos on YouTube...

The water storage barrel arrived yesterday and they did it correctly. There’s no holes in it other than the spigot. Of course this means I’ll have to install an air relief valve in the lid so the water comes out the spigot easily but that’s a known issue and very easy. Regardless it’s clean so once I build a small stand for it in the basement I’ll run a hose and drain the one rain barrel into it.

Frost on the vehicles when I left this morning - I actually had to scrape today (!) - so that means winter is right around the corner. That means I need to speed up my plans...again...

I’ll get it all done somehow. But I think I might take my wife’s suggestion and sleep in tomorrow. It’ll shorten my time to get things done but I think I need the sleep more right now.

Forgot to add the chimney sweep into this week’s calculations so I’m going to have to call for a check from the credit union to cover that because I want it done as soon as possible. Actually I’ll probably make my wife call because I need to make sure that they will give her money without a hassle.

Provided the sweep says everything is okay I’ll fire up the fireplace this weekend and see how well it works. It should help considerably since the cold air return for the entire house is in that room.

I really need to install the X10 phase coupler in the breaker box as soon as possible. Our house is like most houses in that half the outlets are on one phase of the 220V circuit and half of them are on the other phase of the 220V circuit. (120V each obviously.) That makes it hard to run all the modules from the same set of transmitters or to be able to reach all the modules no matter where they are in the house.

This is really the biggest problem that people experience when using X10 modules. They can’t figure out why the transmitter fails to run the module in the bedroom when it’s plugged into an outlet on the other side of the wall. Well in that case the outlets are on two different circuits that are a phase apart in the breaker box. The phase coupler/amplifier costs $20 shipped on E-Bay and can be installed by anybody with the talent of replacing a circuit breaker in the panel. It does need two or three separate breakers just on its own depending on how you wire it so you have to factor that into the cost. So maybe for $30 total you can ensure that your X10 network runs and triggers properly within 3000 square feet or wiring.

If you’re going to do this though I would highly recommend also having an X10 whole-house filter installed in the panel box as well. You can’t easily install it yourself unless you’re nuts or an electrician because you have to take the main 220V feed wires out and run them through the hole in the filter. That requires both experience and care - neither of which most people have when dealing with electricity. I have the filter and I’m good enough to do it and not get hurt and even _I_ am going to have an electrician install it.

At the other spectrum of things I’m wondering if I could put in the basement sealing liner myself and save a ton of money. Turns out that if you have the liner fully installed you don’t need to have those crawl-space vents at all. You can completely seal the holes because the liner, which is like 10 mil thick at least, blocks all the moisture. No moisture, no need for airflow. Now I just need to know where I can get the liner, the sealer, and the relevant fasteners. (This is definitely a “next summer” project though.)

I need to cover the wood pile when I get home. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now and I keep forgetting even though I walk past the tarp in the hallway every day. That and I need to pick up more of the deck wood. I told the one lady that I’d be back every couple of days or so and I haven’t done that.

The bedroom is fairly cold despite the furnace running so I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get under the house again and go all the way to the other end and seal/insulate the duct that runs out that direction. I’m betting that even if I insulate only the ductwork in the main part of the crawl-space that would help considerably. _That_ may be a more immediate project. Depends on how much heat the fireplace puts out. Though it shouldn’t heat the bedroom wall that much even though it’s directly on the flip-side of the headboard so to speak.

As is often with my life more testing is needed...
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