nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The things that we lump in the night...

October 31, 2008 10:23 PM 10/31/08

Sitting here on the eve of a new year I’m always reminded of those that have gone before me.

But this’s different...

After a kind word from a friend I’m reminded that this is not just a time to remember people that have passed but to also look forward to what lies ahead in the new year.

I sat for a while in meditation in the garage and came up with some things that I wish to be next year (I won’t share them here as they are personal to myself and anyway you should be thinking about your own things) and I realized that with the passing of every year I’ve never formally stated my goals and my dreams for the next year - never stated the path I wished to follow even in general.

So that’s what I did tonight. I formally stated to the universe where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, and what I was looking for out of the next year.

I focused on general things and things larger than I would normally handle. (We’re supposed to be strong enough to handle the small things on our own right?) I’m hoping that putting those things out there will do the same thing that putting these words out there does - it gets them placed firmly in the universe and not on my mind constantly. It allows me to see them and work with them moving ahead.

And that’s a good thing in my opinion.

It’s not like New Years Resolutions either - these are much more real to me and hold much more weight. They are not idle promises.

I also asked for help from the Goddess and the God. Formally asked for help. Again - not with the small things but with some guidance and for the protection of my family and friends when I can not protect them.

I told my friend tonight that his simple kind words reminded me to look a little closer at what I was doing tonight and that he should never underestimate the power of a single kind word. I’m glad to have the friends I do. :-)

So...tomorrow...I will start afresh and start moving forward again. Not that I wasn’t moving forward before just that I was moving without good direction. That has changed a bit. (Though some guidance from the God and the Goddess would certainly help.)

So if you are reading these words tonight please have a wonderful Halloween and a wondrous Samhain! And if you are reading these words tomorrow - it’s not too late to start the year off right. Make plans. Make goals. Make friends.

Make a life.

And along the way please do me a favor - help those around you. This world isn’t a big empty ball containing single organisms - it’s one giant living thing and regardless of what you think you’re a part of it. Period. So the only way to make sure that _you_ keep living is to help those around you do the same. All the petty differences mean very little in the end...
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