nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Millers of the bitter winds unite!

November 3, 2008 11:29 AM 11/3/08

So it’s a new year. And of course some of it is the same as last year. But no despair yet as it’s still early.

Ate far too much candy yesterday but that’s not too surprising. (Paying for it today of course.) At least we got rid of most of it anyway.

The chimney sweep is scheduled for today so hopefully we’ll be able to light a fire in there tonight just to test. We’ll see how that goes...

A friend of mine and I came up with a wonderful idea that is probably patented but he’s okay with me releasing it to the public domain because neither of us can figure out how something so simple couldn’t be “obvious”.

1) Take two water barrels and stack them on top of each other so that one feeds into the other via a hose.

2) Feed the output of the bottom barrel into a solar heating assembly consisting of:

        a) A main heating tube.
        b) A 46“ _linear_ fresnel lense. (That linear part is important.)
        c) A secondary heating tube.
        d) A closed box with a blackout cover.

3) Feed the output of the main heating tube, which should easily be converted into steam, into a Tesla turbine attached to a generator head.

4) Feed the water condensation output of the turbine back into the solar assembly through the secondary heating tube.

5) Run the output of the secondary heating tube through two inline radiators - car heater cores should be fine if new - and into the top water barrel.

6) Add pressure relief valves as needed.

7) Add water as needed.

You could almost make this a closed system but not quite. I had something similar drawn out but this one makes more sense to me and while I would have just put the turbine output back into the top water barrel my friend convinced me that you need to cool it first to reclaim more condensate.

I think I posted something similar to this before but my brain cells don’t quite recall. Regardless here’s a formal layout of it and I’ll see if I can’t draw up the idea and post a picture of it somewhere. It’s actually a quite simple solar forge application modified for steam generation. I’m just curious as to how efficient it could be made.

I need to get off my ass and buy some plumbing pieces and other sundry parts to experiment with these things. I’m going to have to physically restrain myself from buying a 46” fresnel lense when I’m in Chicago later this week. (This is provided a visiting friend and I can find parking at American Science & Surplus.)

Anyway it’s a good idea that can be made from local materials and could easily generate power from the sun. That could be battery stored or grid tied depending on how you want to do it. Frankly I can’t help but wonder how many watts/kw this could be made to generate on a normally sunny day.

Y’know what I want? I want a research location and funding dammit. I would love to look into all these strange power generation ideas and see how much they put out and how efficient they are. That would be really fun. :-)
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