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November 5, 2008 6:30 AM 11/5/08

In case you haven’t heard Barak Obama won the presidency in the USA and McCain gracefully did not contest.

First let’s get it out of the way... WOOOOT! WE GOT US A NEW PRESIDENT!


Now comes the HARD part.

What? You thought voting was the hard part? Nuh-uh.’s the thing...this here is a republic not quite a democracy. And there’s nothing wrong with that really it just means that we elect people who are supposed to do what we want them to do so we can go about our happy lives and not have to deal with every nitty-gritty detail of making sure the trains run on time.

Got that? Government is a _limited_ _scope_ _job_.

So who puts the trains back on the track when government can’t or won’t? We do.

Who is responsible when the government passes laws that affect everyone negatively except a very few? We are.

Who is in trouble if they sit around on their butts in front of the TV or computer while government goes wacky?

You guessed it!

If we don’t watch them, if we don’t keep an eye on their actions, if we don’t hold them accountable for every bad thing they do, our government will run amok again. And after eight years of government run amok I don’t think we want that again do we?

I’m not saying you have to know what Proposition 427 of Bill 350 is or what it does. But you _should_ know that Bill 350 is at least related to whatever it’s related to.

So here’s what I want people to do:
(And I’m going to try and do these myself as well.)

1) Every week take one hour a day and look at just the names of the proposed bills. Any dingers in there that sound like a bad idea? Call your congress-critter.

2) Every month take one bill - just one - and digest at least the summary to find out what they really mean by that “Fiduciary Recovery Train Funding” bill. Anything funny? Call your congress-critter.

3) Every three months take one bill - just one - and read it in its entirety. Is it understandable? No? Find someone who understand what it means. At the very least your congress-critter’s secretary should be able to at explain the absolute incessantly transitionary horticultural reciprocity verbage of said bill. Find something you don’t like in it? Ask to speak to the congress-critter.

4) Every time the president or the VP get on the TV or the Internet listen to what they are saying. Pick their words apart with a fine tooth comb! Don’t like something? (You know what’s coming right? That’s right!) Call your congress-critter.


We’ve all been shown that we can make a difference in how government works but we have to _MAKE_ that difference.

And frankly people calling your congress critter isn’t that hard. Takes about maybe half an hour if that usually.

A half an hour is:

1 quick meal at the table with the phone in hand.

1 phone call with the TV turned down in the background.

1 good cigar smoked slowly while on the phone. (Not politically correct but that’s why we’re called a melting pot.)

1 phone call while watching to make sure your kid does his or her homework at the kitchen table. (If it’s after hours you can at least leave a message.)

1 phone call while lounging in a chair with a good book.

1 phone call while waiting in line somewhere.

1 phone call with an earpiece while getting your hair cut.

1 phone call while getting your oil changed.

1 phone call while grocery shopping.

1 phone call with a hands-free earpiece while driving to work.

Just. One. Phone. Call.

So today just rest. Because tomorrow...

Tomorrow you might have a phone call or two to make. ;-)

(Edited to refer to hands-free driving cellphone usage.)
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