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November 12, 2008 11:11 AM 11/12/08

The weather outside is just ugly. It’s not particularly cold, it’s not particularly raining, it’s not snowing yet, it’s just kind of blah. There’s a light amount of cold rain here and there and everything is wet but it’s not running off of things just kind of sitting there.

I hate days like this. They just breed depression like flies.

Definitely having pie today...

A strange thought just occurred to me - maybe a good chunk of America is stress eating or eating because of depression. From what I can see not getting enough exercise shouldn’t account for the entire amount of overweight people in this country. As a country we’re obviously not eating right and probably eating too much.

Of course I found something that completely puts me off any McDonald’s product - someone has had a hamburger from them that has stayed fresh for 12 years due to preservative. Now I’ve eaten my share of the “big M” but that just completely proves that what they sell is _not_ food.

I realized last night that I have no good way to put my fireplace out except time. The fireplace and the hearth are completely flat so any water I might use would run right down onto the carpet. And water + wood ashes = lye. Not good. (And no I did not test this theory.)

That and I found out this morning that a night’s worth of time is not enough to allow me to close the damper. I closed it this morning to test and the room immediately had an extra smell of smoke. Not good.

So I guess I’ll either have to wait a day before I close the flue or live with the hit to my heating bill. Speaking of which I need to go out and buy some pipe to bend so I can weld up a heat exchanger for it so it better heats the room. It’s a corner fireplace so I’ll have to go with four main pipes facing forward and two pipes wrapped around those but facing to the right. Easy enough to weld together but how I’m going to bend those easily I don’t know. I’d use a conduit bender and galvanized conduit but I’m not sure how that would do in the fire.

Taking time off during the Yule holiday because we’ll be closed between the 25th and the New Year. That’ll be a novel experience. I just hope nobody insists we visit during that time. Just once I’d like to not have to go all over hell for that holiday.

Still not quite organized between the garage and the house but it’s getting there. And getting the garage will be extremely important when my wife’s minivan dies because she never checks the oil in it. (Hint hint.)

Besides, I’d really like to get the other couch moved out there so my daughter has a bit more play room. That and I’d really like to see her get her formal study area set up before the end of this year.

Never got to covering the firewood so I’m thankful I have the one rack in the garage as a drying/staging area before the wood comes into the house. That will work out well.

Also haven’t gotten over to pick up the rest of that deck wood yet either.

Damn I’ve got a lot of things I’m forgetting to get done. That worries me quite a bit because I never used to be this forgetful or this lazy.


What was I typing again? ;-)
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