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Plugged, fugged, and bugged....

November 17, 2008 11:18 AM 11/17/08

So I get my power brick for my Macbook replaced only to have LJ go off the air tomorrow. Wheee.....


Fortunately they say they’re going to hopefully only be down for about four hours or so which means I still might get to post by the end of the day. (Hi! I’m nimitzbrood and I’m a LiveJournal addict!) *chuckle*

Anyway things are going ‘round the bend as usual. It was flurrying last night and this morning but not accumulating yet. Won’t take long though so last night I brought the plow blade into the garage and turned the lawn tractor around so I can just attach the blade and go. I’ll hopefully attach the blade tonight along with replacing my wife’s headlight.

Had to increase the minimum temperature of the garage to 50 degrees from 45 because the desktops were having problems starting up out there. My bad - forgot that hard drives and such have a minimum operating temperature. Nothing appears to be damaged and I suppose it’s better to have the heat than not but I know it’ll be an increase in my gas bill. Yet another reason to keep us on the budget plan.

Still pondering the rigid-frame hot air airship idea. I found some composite propane cylinders on the web but I don’t know if they are still in production or not. They claim a 40% weight reduction over normal cylinders so that’s pretty cool from an airship standpoint.

I did ponder another couple of things the other day and drew them up in the sketchbook - a fabric propeller and a stirling engine to drive it off of the leftover heat of the bag. It wouldn’t provide much forward thrust but remember that we’re talking about something that is incredibly slow moving already so that doesn’t bother me. Anyway all this is stuff other people can come up with if they try so if my idea doesn’t work then someone else will come up with a different one.

My wife and I both got Netflix accounts this weekend so there’s going to be a few red envelopes showing up at the house on a regular basis. The total cost is about $20/month so I can easily recoup that by not eating at the restaurant a couple of days a month. (Yes I spend an insane amount for lunch so I can get some privacy and eat some fairly decent food if still from a restaurant chain.)

Needless to say Netflix has a buttload of anime that I either haven’t seen the end of or haven’t seen before. That’s pretty much what is in my queue at the moment. I’ll probably add stuff later. Hmm...I wonder if they have Edge of Darkness. That wasn’t a bad thing but it’s 300 minutes and only available either in VHS or Region 2 DVDs. That was a pretty good political/murder mystery miniseries and well worth watching.

I wish the BBC would properly publish more stuff for US consumers. It’s only recently that a number of British made series I’ve seen on PBS over the years have started showing up on DVD.

A few more months and we’ll have been in our current house for a year. It’s hard for me to imagine that it’s been that long. (Not too hard - the house is _still_ cluttered from the move.)

Still feels strange to be a homeowner...

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Nov. 17th, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
I wish the BBC would properly publish more stuff for US consumers. It’s only recently that a number of British made series I’ve seen on PBS over the years have started showing up on DVD.

Or, with the dollar being so strong against the pound, import the DVDs in from the UK and pick up a DVD player that can be converted to region free. (Google - Region Free DVD codes and see if the cheapest players in the flyers are listed on there. I got a house brand DVD player from Best Buy that I was able to convert to region 0 for $30.)

I just ordered the new series of Dr. Who from the UK (along with 1-2 other things) for about the same price as I would pay here in the US, but this way I have what was shown over there, vs what they could get the rights for over here. (The UK sets have had at least a minor difference every time. Usually the music.)
Nov. 17th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
I currently have a R0 player that I bought for watching anime but it's a little skittish. I'd like to convert our current one but I haven't taken the time to research the hack for it yet.

I don't have anything against buying abroad (see aforementioned anime) I just don't want to run afoul of the *AA goons.

It's worth it even with the VAT? Who do you order from? I'm curious now...
Nov. 17th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)

Its more of - is the shipping charges worth it? And they drop the vat for shipping to the US. (Dr. Who was #44.67, Sarah Jane Adventures was #13.60 with no vat.)

Shipping is charged (no option on that to go surface (which would have been fine with me)) and with the exchange rates (including the shipping) it comes to about $91-$93 at $1.50 to the Pound Sterling. I think they are charging me about #65.

On occasion, getting the British edition is cheaper. (I know one of the torchwood seasons was cheaper WITH shipping, than the US price was.) Its just getting lucky with the exchange rates and the prices. (I tend to hold my orders till I get 3-4 things I want to import, since the shipping is expensive on a $8 book.)

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