nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Head up Billy Buddy it's gonna be bloody...

November 18, 2008 11:26 AM 11/18/08

So I notice the Recording Industry Asses of America are at it again - this time in TN.

I think this is a good place to start with my congresscritters. I’m going to call them and write them to find out where they stand on the whoel illegal search stuff that the RIAA likes to do. I know there are more important issues but I have to start a dialog somewhere and this seems as good a place as any.

It’s 28 degrees outside but there’s no snow that I can see in our area but neighboring states have been hit so we’re bound to be next.

Figured out how to re-organize some of the stuff int he garage so there’s less to come inside and that makes my job a little easier. That means I only have three things to move inside and then a bunch of boxes to come outside. I’ll probably have to get that done soon because my father’s truck needs body work and that requires space. That and I really really really need to swap out the transfer case on my truck because this winter is shaping up to be similar to winters past and that means snow and a lot of it. I can get by with 2wd but it would be much easier with 4wd.

It’s just such a pain in the ass job...

I’m listening to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack in the park and it’s definitely a strangeness because I keep wondering if someone walking by might take it seriously. Our society in some ways seems to have lost that particular sense of humor. I’m likely wrong but that remains to be seen.

There’s a paradox for you. We need more humor in life but we also need to be more serious.

It’s not a paradox for me - we need to just BE MORE of who we are. We’re so shrunken and tiny as we are now and we can’t face the universe that way - it’ll just grind us down even further. We need to stand tall.

Hopefully things changing in this country are an indicator of being headed up but we better damn well be headed UP dammit because otherwise we’re sunk. Both literally and figuratively. Our energy needs alone will sink us if the environment doesn’t.

Strangely Captain Hammer seems to have the right quote if for the wrong reasons: “It’s not enough to bash in heads you’ve got to bash in minds.”

Now I’m not talking about hammering people with the same argument until they give up but _WE_ can’t give up. We need to show them every piece of the arguments and show them that what they’ve been taught is wrong.

We may need to be individuals but there are some common things that we have to take care of as a species. I don’t know about anybody else but I’m not the kind of person to walk by a pile of dogsh!t in the middle of the room.

We need to be cleaning up this mess and without argument. I hope that’s what we’re working on right now but the world keeps proving me wrong so I remain unconvinced.
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