nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Return of the evil fiery ball of death...

November 19, 2008 11:24 AM 11/19/08

I’m going to have to get a windshield shade for my truck if I continue posting in the park during lunch. The sun shines directly into the windshield and makes my nice and bright Macbook screen oh so useless. :-(

Definitely reduces battery life because I have to turn up the screen brightness all the way while typing.

I’m going to have to download the lyrics for all the Dr. Horrible songs because I fumble on words in My Eyes, Slipping, and definitely Brand New Day. Regardless the songs have a defiant energy that I like.

Got my first DVD from Netflix yesterday - The Clone Wars. Watched it last night and it was okay. Not great but okay. I also got the animated Doctor Who episode The Infinite Search but haven’t watched it yet. I honestly forgot I had it pre-ordered through Amazon. Thankfully they charged the card when we had a surplus of money. That’s one thing I don’t like about their pre-order service - they don’t charge the card until the object becomes available. I suppose it makes a little sense but really it’s not hard for them to credit back a purchase if the item never becomes available so what they should be doing is charging you up front then returning the money later.

Getting better organized all around but I have less energy lately. It’s probably just winter blahs but it’s annoying. I went to bed at 9:30p.m. last night and I was _still_ tired this morning when I got up. Definitely under a little stress lately but I’m not going to go into it - that’s my problem and mine alone to handle. If I can’t handle it then I’ll break. And that too will be my fault. So nobody talk to me about stress okay?

Regardless I need to find better ways to manage that OMGIWANTOTAKEABASEBALLBATTOPEOPLE! feeling I get sometimes.

*sigh* I’ll get by - I always do. Today’s posting brought to you by the letter “T” for Tums! ;-)

Anyway I did finally order the motherboard for my neighbor so that should come in today or tomorrow and then I can get his system back up and running. I haven’t heard from the one neighbor with the laptop so I’ll have to ping her and see if the last solution I e-mailed her helped at all or not.

With the temps such as they are draining the one rain barrel has become seriously important so I better get off my ass and take care of that. Need to spend that couple of dollars for a cinderblock or two to put the one in the basement on before I put water in it. Maybe I’ll pick those up today.

*gets lost looking out window*


*stops himself before he writes emo poetry*

Where was I? The change in heater temp out in the garage seems to be good so I’m happy things aren’t having temp issues out there. I should have known better because there’s a great many things at work that can’t be lowered below 50 degrees without encountering problems - computers among them. Of course when they’re off they generate their own heat and keep themselves at a constant temp unless under load in which case they produce more heat. It’s when they’re off that they’re vulnerable and since I’m not running those systems 24x7...

Time to go back to work...
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