nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The snowflakes are attacking!

November 20, 2008 11:40 AM 11/20/08

Fortunately it’s only the advance scouts from what I can see. I’m not looking forward to the winter battle again...

So I finally got a bunch of stuff shuffled around in the garage last night and I have considerably more room than I had before. There’s still a box out there that my wife needs to go through...soon...or it will disappear...completely....*ahem*

But I managed to get a fair amount handled out there and have a bit more room to move. The big thing is getting to the point where I can move all the workstations into the rack and then get all the stuff from the house moved out there. But even moving stuff this much is great progress because it gives me more organization out there.

Winter Solstice will be upon us before we know it so I suppose I should prepare for that.

Not sure what we’re going to do decorating-wise this year for Yule but it’ll likely be subdued and then we’ll pull out all the stops next year. Maybe some simple LED lights, a fake tree (no real tree due to a fireplace in the same room - bad idea), and some minor decorations.

I really need some rest but so do millions of other people on this planet. How can I rest when they can’t? And besides - I’ll get some enforced vacation the last three weeks of December when I take a week of vacation and we shut down over the holidays. It’ll be nice not to have to worry about support phone calls when doing stuff at home.

I’m hoping during that season I can get the rest of the stuff organized at home and then be ready to start more of the geeky projects I have on my mental list. As usual there’s a buttload but only a few I can start on immediately.

A shame about McColo Corp being asshats and allowing the botnet control switchover. I swear if it ever becomes legal to hunt spammers I’ll be taking an extended vacation...

My wife bugged me again about getting a dog. Frankly until we have everything all set up we can’t even think about it but maybe down the road. I just don’t think it’ll be good for the dog to leave it all alone every day. That and we’d have to get a smaller dog because we don’t have that much space. And I absolutely refuse to have a big dog in a small pen. I just can’t buy that that’s a good thing.

Set up the credit union deduction so that it takes another $15 out of my check each week to put towards the personal loan. As small as that is it should help pay off the loan considerably earlier to the tune of an extra payment a month. Once that’s gone we’ll be much better off.

There is a great number of people that are waking up to the realities that credit sucks. If I could I would pay off the house so that we had no debt but that’s not feasible right now obviously.

And yet despite all the bad credit and the overblown consumerism there are _STILL_ people salivating about Black Friday deals. I don’t think that will change any time soon but I _am_ hearing about people who aren’t spending a buttload of money for the holidays this time around. That heartens me a bit because it shows a conscious choice not to consume when times are bad - and that’s a good thing in my book.

The auto manufacturer bailout was on the news this morning - I hope like hell they don’t pass that fracking thing. The auto industry is just as corrupt as the banking industry and the insurance industry and the mortgage industry, etc. Likely they’ll fritter away the money and still fail without any accountability. We definitely don’t need that sort of stuff right now.

If we need to give the auto makers money then we need to make some stipulations:

1) Production of existing non-commercial models that have a gas mileage less than 34 mpg _CITY_ is halted immediately.

2) New models that provide 45 mpg or better must be in production and on the dealer floor within 6 months.

3) Any existing patents for alternative fuel usage or improved mileage that are older than 5 years are to be released into the public domain.

4) Failure to comply with these conditions causes repayment of ALL funds in total even if liquidation of assets is required.

Do I think this will ever happen? Nope. But I’m certainly going to mention it to my ‘critters and see what they say.
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