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November 25, 2008 11:53 AM 11/25/08

Karma took it’s toll on my stomach yesterday. I went to work after eating poorly all weekend and the minute my acid kicked up I had the worst case of nausea that I’ve had in a long time. I couldn’t even button the top collar button of my shirt because it made me sick.

So I went home yesterday and slept then ate a bunch of simple white rice with no toppings and some broccoli. That helped a lot.

I’ve still got stomach problems today but they’re a little better and will likely feel much better after I have lunch. I’m highly concerned that I only seem to have these symptoms at work. I wonder how much of a pay hit i can take and reduce my stress by changing jobs...

This is all part and parcel of the same problem - I’m not dealing with my stress properly. I’m working on taking care of that but it’s slow going. Regardless changing jobs for me at the moment is out unless the new job pays the same.

But the lure of new prospects is very very tempting - especially if it’s something that when I go home I don’t have to deal with _anything_ work related until the next day. Ideally I’d love to have a work-at-home job but that also is not currently in the cards. :-(

I’m really enjoying some of the Watch it Now anime I can find on Netflix despite having to install Silverlight on my Mac. There are speed issues at home but usually when I’m watching it nobody is home or my wife is watching TV so there’s no conflict.

For the record? Paniponi Dash! is both strange and disjointed....and I love it! :-) Though I do wish Netflix would give you the option of watching the stuff online with subtitles instead of dubbed tracks but that’s probably a resource issue on their part - having to keep multiple numbers of tracks off of the DVDs when they put them online for viewing.

A smattering of snow so far that has recently melted as of yesterday. But being from the Midwest I don’t expect that to last...

The trash people have officially killed the lid on our recycling bin and I have an order in for a replacement but who knows when that will happen. Still want to spend $45 eventually on a second bin because we recycle far more than we throw away. But not right now as the holiday season is upon us and that usually means spending money. (And despite what my wife thinks we _both_ spend a lot that we don’t need to. Her on her family usually and me on computer stuff or books. Both can be curtailed quite a bit.)

Tried to get the one X10 usb video dongle (it’s a VA11A or something like that) working last weekend and it doesn’t even want to work on the Windows platform let alone the Linux or Mac platforms. I could get it recognized but it wouldn’t show me any video. Maybe I’ll try again with it while I’m off in December.

I fully intend during those three weeks to just get things done around the house and relax. I’d like to get the rooms properly set up during that time but since my daughter will be home I’ll be limited in what I can do out in the garage. At leas during the daytime that is.

Still nervous about moving the iMac and stuff out there but I suppose I shouldn’t be because if I put an X10 module on the power to the garage door opener it’ll be as secure as the house is. In fact in some ways it’ll be a bit more secure than the house. Then I can just script it so that it doesn’t turn that controller on until after a certain time of day when I’ll be home. I can always override it with the remote so that’s no big deal.

Still need to put the phase coupler/repeater in the breaker box but I’ll need to get that one room taken care of before I do that. After that’s done all the modules in the house should be able to communicate with their respective controllers without too much trouble. Still won’t solve things like putting a module after a surge suppressors but I can’t think of a place I’d need that except on the server rack and the CM11A controls all that stuff _after_ the UPS’s filtering circuits.
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