nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Johnny Snow's revenge...

December 1, 2008 11:21 AM 12/1/08

...or at least that’s what it looks like today. ;-)

It’s snowy everywhere I can see and people are, as expected, driving like idiots.

You’d think after a buttload of people die repeatedly through the same action that we’d learn but apparently that still isn’t the case. *rolls eyes*

Regardless, the snow is an expected condition ‘round these parts and I was kind of waiting for it. Hopefully we’ll have a normal thaw sometime in March and everything will be back to normal season-wise but thanks to our current environmental situation I won’t hold my breath.

I managed to get the two 15 gallon water jugs downstairs but failed to drain the rain barrel into the storage barrel in the basement. Of course now it’s frozen and my experience with moving the two 15 gallon jugs have firmly convinced that I don’t want to even think about trying to move the 55 gallon behemoth.

I did manage to get the firewood covered though and that means I’ll be able to start rotating it into the garage as I use up the stuff in there. My wife is complaining that the house is cold but we really can’t afford to keep the house at 70 all the time. I know it’s only five degrees but our house is most likely not insulated inside the exterior walls. Needless to say the budget plan is not the only reason we’re not getting hose on our natural gas bill. We’ll have to take care of the insulation issue before next winter.

My neighbor’s motherboard came in on Saturday finally so I can fix his system this week. It didn’t come with drivers but this should be a direct replacement swap and shouldn’t require them.

I’m hoping that the driveway won’t be totally buried when I get home today. It’ll just take longer to plow if it is but it’ll also be a lot harder on the tractor. I didn’t plow it this morning because it wasn’t very deep and I didn’t want to run the tractor at 5 a.m. and potentially irritate the neighbors. But then a lot of them leave as early as I do so likely they’d be up - I just don’t want to chance it.

Forgot to make myself some turkey sandwiches this morning but likely my wife forgot to do that for herself as well so I don’t feel so bad. Yet another thing I’ll get to once I go home today.

Finished watching Mezzo last night. Not a bad little anime if only one of the shorter ones (13 episodes vs 26). I’m really enjoying Netflix even if our bandwidth at home doesn’t allow us to watch movies at the same time online.

*fishtails his truck back to work*
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