nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Evil ball of evilness blinding me!

December 2, 2008 11:37 AM 12/2/08

The damn sun is bright enough to wash out the screen of my laptop. I really have to pick up one of those sun shades the next time I see them.

Among other annoying things to pick melt. Though it occurs to me that I have a bucket of wood ash that will melt the ice if scattered onto it during the day. Maybe if it’s sunny enough I’ll try it when I get home.

The plow worked just fine yesterday but it wasn’t a heavy snowfall by any means. I suspect that it’ll be fine with more snow as well but I still might need to put the chains on the tires.

I think I’ve figured out something about my recent stomach problems - I might be taking too high a dose of 5-HTP. That and the one I normally take is a hard pill not the leaf style so it might contain annoying indigestible parts. So I think I’m going to switch to the leaf stuff first and see what the results are before reducing the dosage.

Went to bed early yesterday so I was awake at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep until about 2:30 a.m. or so.

That’s one of the more bothersome things about my getting healthier that I’m not looking forward to. When I’m happy and healthy I sleep about 4 hours - 5 hours max. That can lead to some pretty odd scheduling issues if I take a nap when I get home as I sometimes do.

Though quite honestly I’d prefer to be awake and healthy than tired and unhealthy. (He says munching on his bad-for-him burger. I’ll eat the cold sandwiches I made this morning on the way home.)

Got my neighbor’s computer up and running last night. Damn happy about that. I also think I set the stage for his son to stop by and ask questions when he has them. The boy seemed full of questions last night and I was able to answer each one without pause and that felt pretty cool.

Need to climb under the house again to change the furnace filter. Not looking forward to that but it needs to be done.

Need to clean the fishtank, need to finish organizing things around the house, need to pack the third bedroom, need to, need to, need to....AUUGH!


I think that the three weeks this month I have to take off can’t come soon enough....

Tried to fix the toilet again last night while I was insomniac and thought I’d fixed it but a blast of hot water in the shower this morning as the tank refilled told me otherwise. That means I’m definitely going to have to take the tank off the bowl to replace that part or replace the whole toilet. Neither is appealing except that having the second bathroom is worth the work at the very least. So likely the end of this week I’ll go out and get the parts I need to do the repair messy as it is.

Got the DH growing catalog in the mail yesterday and there’s some damn good stuff in there. I’d love to do a hydroponics setup at home but I’m not sure where I’d put it in the grand design of things. I’m still playing with the idea of turning the garden area into a huge greenhouse complete with proper venting and lighting as needed. Heck if I went totally hydroponic I could just put an extension on the back of the garage and a door where the back window is. But that’s a long-term plan for when I have better resources.

It’s only Tuesday and I just want to go back home...
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