nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Damn the the torpedos and full pies ahead!

December 3, 2008 11:14 AM 12/3/08

I just don’t give a damn today so I’m having fries and pie along with lunch today. B-(

At least today is Wednesday which means free pie day.

Cutting the dose of 5-HTP in half today also cut the stomach issues so I think we have a winner there. I think I’ve just got a little sensitivity to it due to stress but that remains to be seen. I’ll try and switch to the “leaf” capsules soon and see what results I get there. It may be a combination thing.

Damn universe trying to second guess me - my dish just arrived with fruit instead of the fries I ordered. ;-)

The universe loves to talk in symbols and actions. I like to think that those symbols and actions add up to a grand musical number that we just haven’t learned to hear yet. It’s a romantic notion of course but it’s one I’ll likely hold to the end of my days for there is nothing in this universe you could show me that would contradict that statement simply because we can not see that much of the whole yet.

I’m not talking about a religious thing either. I can easily believe that it’s fully possible to comprehend the entire structure of something and still not know its maker.


I really don’t want to go back to work now. I want to go home and smoke deeply from my pipes and cigars and think deep thoughts and write and create and make and...dream.


Better not say that too loud or the universe might fire me. ;-)

Had more work with my neighbor’s computers yesterday. It’s funny how things work out but I got out of the truck and he was looking over the fence at me to tell me he had some problems. (BTW - if you update Windows and it updates the video drivers it could reset the resolution to a previous monitor. In this case it was a 1280x1024 LCD which his CRT can’t do. And there were the “While you’re here...” things too on top of that.)

The cheap little ceramic humidor I bought earlier doesn’t fit my cigars - it’s too short - so I guess I’m going to have to find a better one or make one. I’d like to do the latter but I don’t have the wood resources right now to make one that looks good and functions. I _did_ come up with a cool idea though - use the halogen bulb from a laser printer fuser assembly to generate heat as needed that a muffin fan blows into the humidor. Easily controllable by a microcontroller - probably an Arduino - and a thermistor circuit. Add a static humidifier and it would be good to go. That would actually be pretty simple. Not sure how energy efficient it would be but it would be easy to make. I thought about using an infrared bulb or LED but infrared bulbs are not designed to be cycled up and down constantly and heat-emitting LEDs are expensive and I can’t find documentation on any that put out sufficient heat in quantity.

Y’know despite the power issues this would be a good idea for a spice cabinet or cupboard as well. You could even make it web controllable if you so desire. Using an X10 Universal module you could trigger an input on the Arduino on and off without an issue and a local up/down button assembly would be able to set the temp and an LCD to readout the current temp.

You could also argue that all this could be accomplished with a standalone heating unit but it’s much more fun to build one for yourself don’t you think? ^_^
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