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Please direct all technical questions to the witch doctor mask behind my desk...

If things are in flux does this mean we need a new flux capacitor to smooth them out?

I realized last night that I’m overstocked with cigars and have no humidor to speak of. Nor the cash to buy one. So I guess I’ll be making an ugly one from scratch to start then building a better one later. I think I can afford the small humidifying object that goes into them but I’ll have to figure out the heating thing using existing parts. Thankfully I covered that design yesterday.

The snow that was supposed to be nasty yesterday turned out to be nothing. It’s cold and a little icy today but no real snow to speak of in our areas. I’m not going to hold my breath though as winter is not done with us yet.

I’ve ordered SAP tutorial DVDs off of E-Bay to see what I can learn about it. If they work out well I’ll be able to add SAP to my list of skills - at least in basic that is. I worked a little with it many many years ago so it’s certainly different by now. In any case it’s a popular thing that is a good job prospect thing even in this economy.

I’m not getting laid off that I know of but I certainly don’t want to take any chances and it’s best to have something up your sleeve just in case.

Still not organized at home but I’m beginning to believe that will never happen all the way. We’ll see what happens during the three weeks I’m home this month.

I had something small to eat this morning and took only 50mg of 5-HTP. No stomach problems today _at_ _all_. If that trend continues I think we can call that fixed. I’ll be very happy if that’s all it was. And the 50mg of 5-HTP seems to be enough to smooth out most of the rough edges but not as much as the 100mg was doing. I can live with that.

Looked in the rice bucket the other day and we’re down near the bottom so it’s likely time to buy another bag of rice. I think this time I’ll buy two small bags - one brown and one white. That should cover both instances and hopefully motivate me to move to cooking with the brown rice instead of the white all the time as it’s better for me. I’ve been considering making bento lunches for myself each day but that’s an awful lot of work and I’m not sure I would know how to do a bento even if I wanted to.

And that’s another thing I noticed the other day while sautéing some rice-o-phony - I miss using my wok. I need to cook more on top of everything else. I used to do that a lot but have gotten out of the habit. One more thing to add back to the to-do list...

Speaking of which I think I’m going to try and get more of the solar walkway lights we currently have and wire them all as one string of low-voltage solar-charged lights. I like their design physically but not the LEDs they’re using nor their lighting circuit. But that whole shebang would cost me probably about $99 or so which means I have to wait for a while before buying what I need.

One issue with those lights is that the tops get blown off in the wind but you can’t glue them all down because you need to be able to change the batteries in them as needed. If I wire them for low-voltage then I can just epoxy them shut and they’ll be good for the life of the LEDs which is at least 10 years or so.

My wife surprised me last night in that she didn’t seem to have a problem with the VAWT design we saw on Living With Ed. Her biggest concern seems to be anything that would change the look of the house. And while I can’t say it isn’t important the savings and independence that adding certain things like wind or solar to the house would go a long way to easing our bills eventually. I’ve got a lot of “green” plans for that house that I think she’ll like but sometimes she doesn’t want to even hear them because she doesn’t understand the whole picture or more than likely I’m not explaining it correctly.

For instance one thing I’d love to do would be to put a large water storage tank underground in the space between the garden and the shed along with a simple pump to pump that water into the house as needed. Then I’d cover it back up obviously and set a gazebo on top of the thing. The gazebo would have clean screened or leaf-proof gutters all around the outside which feed directly into the tank via gravel catch-basins around the outside ring. That would use the space well and provide a source of water when we need it. And it would look cool too. ^_^

Lots of ideas...

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