nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

As Hob is my witness I thought furbys could fly!

December 5, 2008 10:59 AM 12/5/08

There’s a cool design idea for you - a Furby Chucker. I wonder how far you could pitch one of those suckers and how much velocity you could obtain. I think about some weird things sometimes. ;-)

It was _COLD_ this morning. Between waiting for the truck to warm up a little and losing track of my thinsulate gloves (they’re around somewhere) I got to work a bit later than usual. No biggie as things won’t die if I’m late.

More work tonight at the neighbors. Turns out now that since I upgraded the video card in their son’s computer now his Tycoon games won’t play. Should be an easy fix. I think it might be resolution related.

I don’t really mind doing that stuff but I just need to know when to say no and not let them run me in emergency mode. And while I’m not trying to start a business on the side it might turn into some interesting side work.

Did I mention it was COLD today? Point in fact it was so cold last night the the 30k BTU natural gas space heater in the garage couldn’t bring the temp above 58 degrees the entire hour+ that I was out there. Thinking about building an oil-drum woodstove with a kit I have but I have no idea what’s required code-wise nor where I’d put it. I’d love a Bullerjan but those are damn expensive and I don’t even know if there’s a US outlet for them. I suppose I could make one...

I made some wonderful beef fried rice from scratch last night and the whole thing only cost about $15 for a considerable sized meal. I ate my fill last night as did my wife. (Our daughter only ate the meat. Figures.) I’ll have to make that again sometime.

I’d forgotten how much I love cooking when I have the time to do it properly. It’s truly a joy when you’re not rushed into it.

Need to do some more work on the truck but I’m really not up to it this weekend. It’s mainly fluid changes and proper anti-freeze mix but there’s other things I want to look at while I have it in there. Like maybe see if I can’t find the damn intermittent in the gas gauge wire. The sender/pump is completely new as of two years ago and the gauge still malfunctioned after the sender/pump was replaced so I’m pretty sure that it’s a wiring issue at this point.

Speaking of wiring and things I need to get under the house to change the furnace filter again so I might as well resign myself to running the two network wires I need near the entertainment center and the third at the end of the library. I suppose I could put the wireless router above where I have the front door camera but I’m not sure if my wife would be okay with it there. And that location would require me to install a WAP in my garage for wireless things. Which might not be too bad anyway.

There’s always a great many things to do around the house it seems. If I went through all of them I likely would fill at least one large leather-bound tome with ease. Point in fact one of the things to do around the house is set up an infrastructure to create said leather-bound tomes. ;-)

I’ll get it all done eventually...then we’ll move and it’ll start all over again. ^_^

There’s two things I really want to get done this weekend:

1) I want the library cleaned up and the one chair and table moved into there.

2) I want the third bedroom at least packed up so I can move it a box at a time out into the garage.

Anything else is gravy.

My wife wants a chance to bake cookies this weekend and I’m fine with that. I think we can both work on getting the library cleaned and organized then I’ll pack the third bedroom while she bakes cookies. I think that’ll work out.

Regardless though I’d love it if all of us slept in tomorrow.

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