nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Goals for 2009 in no particular order...

January 5, 2009 11:24 AM 1/5/09

1) Stay employed until you can find a lower stress form of income that pays enough to live on.

2) Re-do garden according to plan - raised beds, new fence, and automatic watering.

3) Replace transfer case on truck.

4) Schedule time so all factors get enough time.

5) Lose at least 30 pounds.

6) Finish garage and third bedroom organization.

7) Properly ground all outlets. Re-wire circuits as necessary.

8) Re-wire landscape path lights for single solar charged power source with brighter LEDs.

9) Use the XXXX to make XXXX and stain it with XXXX.

10) Make a new front door complete with light sources.

11) Make Tin Man/Dorothy music video before Duckon.

12) Finish staff for Bill.

13) Re-paint bike and purchase/install proper jets for carbs.

14) Insulate garage roof.

15) Purchase/install more web cameras.

16) Re-wire network/wireless cables in the house.

17) Replace toilets.

18) Set up plant starter shelves in garage on rolling wire racks.

19) Get estimate for insulating the walls of the house.

20) Purchase/install solar attic/vent fan.

21) Clean up and insulate water pipes in crawl space.

22) Clean up and insulate ductwork in crawl space.

23) Record at least two filk songs you've written.

24) Learn to draw at least basic human figures.

25) Write a full George story.
Tags: art, diet, goals, green, home maintenance, jobs, solar, vehicle maintenance, weight, writing
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